Star Wars Fashions – Darth Vader Never Looked So Chic!

We’ve seen Star Wars incorporated into so many different aspects of our lives. However, I’ve never seen trendy Star Wars fashions before, well, unless you consider the Stars Wars Burlesque show fashion (I don’t).

This; however, is real fashion and I love it! Illustrator John Woo created these very hip, beautifully designed Star Wars inspired fashions. The only thing that bums me out is I don’t see a Princess Leia in the collection.

John not only designed these, but he featured fashion designers that are popular now, as you will see below. I love the use of color and style! I have to admit, it’s a little strange seeing Darth Vader look so chic and GQ, but hey, I could get used to this real quick. You can check out more of this collection called “He Wears It – Star Wars & Fashion” on John Woo’s site. Great job!

[via hypebeast]