Take Ergonomic Action And Stay Healthy While Using A Computer

The personal computer has become one of the most widely used productivity tools on the planet since its inception a few decades ago. It has become so pervasive that you almost can’t get by in modern society today without knowing at least the basics of how to use one (or know someone who can do things on it for you!). I use my computers and devices daily for my creative work, namely my writing, video production and web design activities.

Given the amount of time these activities require and the time spent in front of a computer screen performing them, regardless if it’s a traditional PC, my iPhone or iPad, it’s of paramount importance that I take ergonomic action every so often. After all, the physical postures required to use computers and devices are not the best for your body in most cases.

I’ve found the most important ergonomic action to take when using computers for extended periods is just to get up from my chair, stretch and walk around. Even as I write this blog, I’ve been doing that. Our bodies are designed for movement, so the more you can introduce variety in your postures while working on a computer, the better off you’ll be. This also applies to smartphone and tablet use; for the most part you will be looking down at such a device which puts strain on your neck and shoulders. Make sure you look up every now and then!

Getting up and moving around also helps your eyes. It’s important to keep changing the focus of your eyes to maintain good vision. If I had known that during my late teens and early twenties, I probably wouldn’t have to wear glasses now. Also, eye drops are helpful for keeping the eyes moist for extended periods looking at a screen. Even if you keep changing the focus of your eyes, you will still be looking in one place more often than not, and your eyes will become more dry.

Computers, smartphones and tablets are incredible devices and have simplified so many common and difficult tasks. In using them however, you should be continually mindful of ergonomic actions you can take to help your posture and health otherwise using them will become very counter-productive.

Take Ergonomic Action And Stay Healthy While Using A Computer


Image Credits: [Safe Computing Tips] [Webex]