Styling Glasses For Heart Face Shapes

First impressions make a lot of difference in the way people perceive you. They can dramatically impact the way a person might base their opinion on you. With all of that riding on just your day-to-day outfits and personal style, you need to pick what suits you best. This makes it difficult to make even the easiest of decisions. However, contrary to popular belief, just having the “trendiest” outfit may not be the best idea.

There are many things you need to consider before you hone in on a personal style. Your everyday look consists not only of your clothes but also the accessories you decide to pair with them, and one accessory you need to pick up is eyewear. Here is how you style eyewear if you have a heart face shape.

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Vintage Round Frames

A heart-shaped face is one of the more defined face shapes. To truly enhance your natural features, vintage glasses are your best bet. The shape perfectly compliments your face while also simultaneously being subtle.

If you decide to rock a round-shaped pair of glasses, do not shy away from adding a bit of color or pattern to your frames. It gives your outfit a bit of a statement and makes sure that your glasses do not look like just a boring extra accessory but a conscious choice.

Classic Wayfarer Glasses

The wayfarers, popularized in the late 80’s high-end fashion brands, are the classy pick. They are distinguished by their very noticeable wide tops and their tapering bottoms. These glasses are an excellent pick for a heart-shaped face.

This is because not only do these glasses look very elegant to others, and they also make your face look a bit softer. It is a good option that fits a heart-shaped face naturally. Not every wayfarer shape may be to your exact liking, but they are all good in theory.

Go Thin-Rimmed

If you have a prominent heart-shaped face, another good pick for you would be the thin-rimmed or rimless glasses. These glasses give you a more casual and laid-back look but yet manage to come off as stylish and modern.

Comfortable to wear, a thin-rimmed or rimless pair of glasses can genuinely improve your presentability.  They are subtle and often even go unnoticed on a face shape as prominent as a heart shape but are always an excellent enhancement to your natural features that make you look very fashion-forward.

The Retro Square Glasses

Some things in life go together like bread and butter. The same can be said about heart-shaped faces and their affinity with square glasses. Although they are back in trend again, the square-shaped glasses were widely criticized for being too “default looking” in the last few decades.

However, their charm never left those that have heart-shaped faces. These glasses are a great compliment to your face shape and can help define your face even more. It draws attention to the most flattering parts of your face shape while also not looking too over-the-top.

The Cat-Eye Treatment

If none of the options above seem to do it for you and how you want to be seen out in public, a pair of good cat-eye glasses can fix that for you. These glasses, as one of the stylish glasses, seem to be virtually evergreen and also seem to suit almost every face shape.

The cat-eye is seldom out of style and can work like magic to make your face look more well-defined. You can also choose from a vast catalog of variations to the classic cat-eye shapes that go well with a heart-shaped face.


At the end of the day, for a personal style, your choices will always triumph over any lookbook guide. It is essential to understand that even while face shape is an essential determining factor in what kind of eyewear you should be wearing, in reality, everything comes down to your preferences.

The way you see yourself in the mirror and how you feel about it can say a lot more about your unique style than what anyone tells you. It is not about what you “should” be wearing but more about how you carry yourself. Your confidence speaks more than any fashion guide, and that is fueled by how comfortable you feel. So just try out some options best suited for your face shape and pick the one that suits you the best.

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