How To: Eat Your Drink and Get Rid Of The Dishes!

You’re having a party and everyone’s invited. However, all you can think about is how you will have to do all those dishes after everyone leaves. Sometimes this little obstacle can be the sole reason why people don’t invite people (or at least too many of them) to their parties. It’s a good reason as well. I mean, if you have over 200 people coming, the shear amount of stuff that has to get cleaned up is just insurmountable. If you buy plastic, that one-time stuff, it isn’t exactly the best thing for the environment.

That’s exactly where Jelloware from The Way We See The World comes in. It’s a designed cup made all in edible Jello. You just create as many glasses as you think you might need with the Jello mold, and you’re done. Just pour the liquor in those glasses and everyone is happy. Besides, there is a positive effect with the whole thing as well, there will be no broken glass on the floor if someone accidental drops one.

When people have finished their drink, they can either just pour in some more or start eating the Jello glass. After all, it’s Jello, and is entirely edible. The question is though, how many people like Jello? Probably a lot, but what about for the people who don’t? They just have to stay sober I guess.