Styling Tips For Men Who Want To Dress To Impress

What really went wrong? Why don’t guys dress better anymore? Decades ago, men could be seen wearing their tailor-made suits in style, carrying a briefcase in one hand, and a newspaper tucked in the other heading to the office.

Today, workplaces allow men to wear clothes fit for a skating tournament. Now, ever been to an occasion and wished you had better stay home binge-watching series on Netflix because the dress codes there were entirely from another planet?

But then again, we still need to appreciate the fashion statements of our era and admire the brilliant minds behind fashion designs. Be that as it may, men still need help with their wardrobes. Below are styling tips for men who want to dress to impress.

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What’s The Occasion Again?

Gentlemen, it’s imperative to choose your attire depending on the event or occasion you want to crush! For instance, if you plan to attend your daughter’s prom, a tuxedo will do. This is different from attending your son’s football game finals.

If you’re looking for something unique and chilled out, such as a Dayton shirt paired with a WP pair of pants and a leather jacket, you can go ahead and browse these options online, thanks to the internet and the convenience it has brought us.

It’s all about recognizing the statement you want to create for the occasion, and you’ll always get something impressive online right from the comfort of your home. To help you out, however, we’ve selected different clothing choices and the type of occasion they are best worn to.


When you wear your accessories, it’s best if you kept it to a minimum lest it provokes different views. Accessories are a great addition to clothing and will always add a touch of personality to your dress code. Depending on what works best for you and the outfit you choose, some standard accessories you can use to draw the eyes towards you include:

  • Watches – There are many reasons men should (still) wear watches. If you’re off to a gaming event, consider rugged watches. This is because they are sturdy and are made for precisely that. For any formal occasion and work-related issues, go for classic with leather or metal straps.
  • Belts – For formal occasions, match the color of your belt with your shoes. But for casual events, go for web belts, and you can actually mismatch the colors. In a nutshell, go all in!
  • Necklaces and rings – Your necklaces and ring should be understated. You don’t want the pendants or jewels, real or not, to be too big. This will appear flashy and will be a distraction.
  • Eyeglasses – Eyewear helps to highlight your face, and in addition to this, it can elevate your outfit. When choosing eyewear, always consider the shape of your face. If you do not wear prescription glasses, kindly stick to sunglasses.
  • Ties and tie clips – Ties are not restricted top formal dress codes. They can be as well be worn with casual wear, but you want to be careful with the colors. When wearing a tie clip, go for the more casual ones, whether for formal or casual wear to preserve your masculinity.


The secret to looking good in a suit is to wear a suit that fits. Always focus on the shoulders, chest, and arm length. A suit is not about the label inside; it’s all about how well you can wear it.

Casual Wear

The best choices for men to wear in an informal set up are jeans and denim. Every man needs to have denim in their closet! What’s more, jeans can be paired with anything, from a t-shirt, a button-up shirt, blazers, to leather jackets. Whether it’s a pair of Chelsea boots, ankle boots, sneakers, or open shoes, you’ll still look good in jeans!


Your choice of footwear is arguably the most critical decision to make as a man. Wear leather for most of your formal wear and boots for your casuals. If at the beach, or taking an evening walk, you won’t look out of place wearing a pair of open shoes or sandals. Have a variety of colors in your shoe collection. It also doesn’t hurt to invest in sport’s shoes because you never know when you might need them.

What you wear says a lot about you. So, before you get out of the house, always ensure to take a peek at the mirror and ensure that you’re comfortable with what you are in. Remember, in addition to what others think about your outfit, how you feel in it is also counted. The above are just a few tips that will come in handy for any guy who’s looking to dress to impress.

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