Telltale Signs Someone Is Lying [Infographic]

Don’t you wish you could sometimes spot a liar right away? I mean, the general population supposedly tells white lies quite often. There are many reasons for this, and they vary from situation to situation. I bet most of you at some point have wondered whether what someone told you has been the truth and nothing but the truth. Sadly, people tell lies, and there is just no way of getting around it. It’s not like you are able to carry a lie detector with you wherever you go, and on top of that, get people to hook up to it. Nah, that shouldn’t be necessary in the civilized world in which we live. Not only is it sad that people have to lie, it is also sad that we can’t spot the liars when they do it. Or can we? In this “telltale signs someone is lying” infographic, we get some much needed hints.

This fresh infographic from Forensic Psychology delivers the results of some rather interesting research done around body language and speech patterns of people who lie. In an attempt to spot a liar in action, there were several key sightings that were documented and analyzed, and the result of all that research is this infopgraphic called How To Spot A Liar. What I find interesting is that the infographic just delivers the percentage of occasional liars for the female gender and not the male. More than 80% of the women asked admit that they tell half-truths occasionally.

Half-truths can also be referred to as little white lies, and that is exactly what this “telltale signs that someone is lying” infographic is all about. Of course, these telltale signs do not include the percentage of people who are actually telling the truth even though they showcase the body language and speech patterns that liars exhibit. So, does that mean that we are back to square one again with not being able to spot a real liar? Well, not exactly. But as you probably figured out by now, these telltale signs don’t refer to the fact that you will always spot a liar, but rather that the opportunity to spot a liar with these telltale signs are there at your disposal, if that makes sense.

Another interesting fact is that men tell approximately 6 white lies a day while women only tell 3. So how will you know when these will be told? Have a look at this infographic and you will quickly learn the tricks of the trade for spotting a liar. One of the most recognized signs is the speech pattern. Lies usually makes a person nervous, and they will affect the way they say things. While the person in question usually speaks more random in their way of saying things, they might suddenly start copying what you say in order to quickly come up with a working reply. It’s one of the simplest ways to spot a liar when the white lies are told.

These telltale signs for spotting a liar should be used in moderation. Too much analyzing, and you can be sure that any working friendship is going to deteriorate quite fast. When people tell lies, they usually don’t do it because they want to conceal the truth, but rather because they are ashamed to tell it. Always remember, the more truths you speak through your life, the more people will know who you really are. Try out these tips and let us know what success you have with them. It’s always interesting to see what these things can do for people. Infographics are educational tools, and this one should definitely be one to remember.

Forensic Psychology’s Telltale Signs Someone Is Lying


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