The Best Way To Quit A Job Ever!

*By now, we all know this was a hoax, but it’s still funny as hell! Love it!* I cannot stop laughing over this. I can soooo relate to this girl. When I was attending University, I didn’t want to get a student loan because I don’t like owing people money. So, instead, I worked three jobs at the same time to pay my way through school. I worked one job all night every night, another job all weekend and the third job between classes in the daytime.

I didn’t really care where I worked; I just wanted to be working as much of the time as I could. I did everything from clean toilets to file paperwork. I remember the time I lied about knowing how to use a Mac just to get a job. I would do almost anything in order to pay that tuition bill when it came. I probably had around 15 different jobs over the course of those five years, and wow some of my male bosses were truly jerks.

I’ve had some crazy stuff happen. Just to name a few… I had a boss once that followed me around town to leave flowers on my car, and another time I had a married boss (his wife also worked at the office) grab my ass. Oh, and best of all, I had a boss once that randomly reached over and kissed me when we were in an elevator. Wth??

At the time, I was in my 20s and trying my best to climb the corporate ladder. What is a girl to do in those situations? Since then, I’ve ditched Corporate America altogether, and I’ve worked for myself for a decade. Ahh… it’s much better. Looking back, I wouldn’t trade those memories for anything, that was an interesting time in my life. This girl below (allegedly named Jenny) quit her job this past Monday and emailed all these pictures to 20 people in her office. She is my new hero. You go girl!!! #hellyeah Thank you @taltalk for this tweet which made my day.

[via thechive]