The Darker Side Of Halloween [Infographic]

We are all probably looking forward to the most gory night of them all, Halloween. It’s with great anticipation and with kid-like expectations that we plan and acquire what we need to make this special day the best it can possibly be. I am gearing up with a ton of scary movies and buckets of popcorn because you know that once the celebration is over, there is only darkness to enjoy until the morning sun hopefully shows its rays. It’s definitely a day of horror. It’s a day in which we all would like to be just a little bit scared of what will most likely never encounter in real life. It’s a day in which we will smile immediately after being so scared we almost stopped breathing.

However, Halloween is a lot of different things, depending on what perspective you look at it from. If we could be realistic for just a second and see what the consequences really are, I am sure we would have a different respect for Halloween, and what it does to people. I hate to break up all the fun and excitement, but the facts about Halloween show that it really is as gory, bloody and tragic as we all try to pretend it isn’t.

Just have a look at this infogaphic from Halloween Express, and you’ll see a different kind of Halloween. This one, the real one, is more like the actual movie Halloween starring Jamie Lee Curtis. Believe me, I haven’t checked it all out because it feels a little bit weird and awkward looking at the real Halloween when we are only planning for the fake one. We all have to remember that we are only as kind as our kindness allows others to be. If you have to think about that, I am sure you will come to the conclusion that it’s ultimately true. Halloween is all about cheerful screaming and childish frights. There is no need to venture beyond that barrier, ever!

The Dark Side Of Halloween