The First House Made Entirely From An Old Airplane!

I’ve heard of using recycled materials to build a house before. Recently we even featured an article about a hotel made from garbage found on the beach; however, I’ve never heard of a house being built from a Boeing 747!

Francie Rehwald, who lives on 55 acres in Malibu Hills, California recently bought a 35-year-old retired 747 airplane for $200,000. She put it on her credit card. She then hired a team of environmentally friendly architects to build her an outrageous house made from 100% post consumer recycled material.

The airplane was cut into seven sections for this house, which is still under construction. Almost every single piece of the plane will be used. Francie also insisted that the architects make the house look feminine and sensual, with curves, to offset the airplane’s strong and masculine appearance. The wings will be used as the roof.

The fascinating video below with the details is well worth your while to watch. Francie hopes to inspire others to look at discarded materials as inspiration to create new things that will be kind to our environment. It isn’t known how much the final cost of this endeavor will be; however, she said in the video that the concrete alone cost more than the plane. So, she’s into this for at least $400,000 before it’s even built. Wow, I can’t wait to see it when it’s finished.

[via switched, treehugger, @TechZader]