The Most Thrilling Free Dive You’ll Ever See

I haven’t been putting many videos in my articles lately. The reason is because I’ve become somewhat of a video snob. It has to be a really, really captivating one for me to include it.

This 4-minute video took my breath away. I’ve always been fascinated with base jumping, and I’ve even written about it before on Bit Rebels. But check this out… this guy is base jumping underwater. I’ve never seen free diving like this before. It blows my mind.

According to YouTube, this world champion diver, Guillaume Nery, did this dive at Dean’s Blue Hole, which is the deepest blue hole in the world. It is filmed entirely on breath hold. He is also quick to point out that this is a fictional, artistic project, meaning that some things didn’t happen exactly like they seemed. Huffington Post reported that, for example, he never reached the bottom of that hole like it shows in the video; the distance is simply too far down, it would be impossible.

This video was taken with Nery’s girlfriend over the course of four days. Wow, I haven’t seen anything this epic and thrilling in a long, long time. I hope you enjoy it!

[via mymodernmet]