The Real Cost Of Dating [Infographic]

So there you are, you’re just about to go on that first date. As a guy, you always want to make a good impression and be the expected gentleman you know you have to be in order to gain the respect of your date. There are some misconceptions when it comes to dating that both guys and girls are quite unaware of it seems. What should also be said here is that there is a huge difference in the way restaurant tipping works in different countries, and it can be quite confusing if you’re dating in another country than your own.

When I was living in Los Angeles for a brief time, I was amazed with how much you had to tip in order to make the visit pleasant, if you will. In Europe, tipping isn’t quite as fanatically regulated by rules and stuff. Over here you can tip 5-10% of the total amount and there will be no hard feelings since the tip is already included in the prices. But in Los Angeles, you usually get the evil eye if you don’t tip at least 20%. Let’s just say that I learned my lesson quickly, and I didn’t make that mistake again.

What are the expectations from a women’s perspective and what should we guys think about when we take women out on a date? put on the researcher hat and started to investigate. When I look at this infographic, it surprises me how many of the women don’t want to go to an expensive restaurant. As a matter of fact, 75% of the women asked didn’t want to go to an expensive restaurant. However, on the contrary, it seems it really does matter what the guy’s financial status is since 51% of the women asked said a guy’s debt would certainly impact their desire to continue their relationship. You better start saving guys!

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The Real Cost Of Dating