The Transformation of Faces

The topic of face transformation is fascinating to me because in one way or another we are all artists from this perspective. Whether you are a woman that transforms your own face with make-up brushes each morning, a plastic surgeon that brilliantly sculpts new lines, an artist who paints faces, or someone that stands in line at the county fair for your little girl to get a ballerina painted on her face, we can all relate to the art of transforming faces.

My favorite “face painting” artist is Christopher Agostino. He began painting faces as a student in 1976. He has transformed the faces of over 100,000 live people over his career. He says that “… painting a face goes back to the origins of human culture.” Drawing inspiration from nature and imagination, every single face he’s painted over the years is unique. You can view his artistry in the video below. You can also visit his website by clicking here.

In this next video, from “Goatsilk’s Portraits from an Ark,” participants were told half way through the face painting what animal they were, and then they were asked to enact that animal. The talent here is amazing, and goofy, all at the same time.

In this next video, we get to view face painting from a bit of a different perspective. Here, this entire painting is being done with tubes of lipstick! How fun!

And, of course, this “face transformation” article would not be complete without featuring the man that we all know and love that had more face transformations than anyone else we can remember… you guessed it, Michael Jackson.