The World’s Most Beautiful Whales

Since I live about ten minutes away from the largest aquarium in the world, I thought it was only fitting to write an article about my favorite animal there: The beluga whale. Of course, to say that they are the world’s most beautiful whales is a matter of opinion; however, the more I visit the aquarium to watch and learn about them, the more I have learned to appreciate their inner and outer beauty.

About two weeks ago in China, a story surfaced about a diver who was free diving and got a leg cramp while about fifteen feet down in the icy cold water. She was in trouble and two beluga whales swimming with her sensed her distress. They worked together to push her up to the surface. I thought this was such an amazing story!

You can watch for yourself how these whales assisted the diver here:

On this video you can see the beluga whales blowing bubbles, playing ball and just being social, which they love! (this video starts at 10 seconds)

And, last but not least, we cannot have a beluga whale story without including a recording of their songs. Beluga whales love to sing. Different people suggest different reasons why they sing, but one thing is for sure, they are very happy animals. At times, in this recording, it almost sounds like they are laughing.

I just love beluga whales. One of my dreams is to swim with them one day. If you have an animal that you adore, please share it with us below!