Things you can do with your BMW, but shouldn’t.

In case you didn’t know this little fact about moi – I am a total BMW-addict. I especially love the BMW short films that were released in 2002. I know…7 years ago? BUT, they are timeless. Seriously – During the first 4 months, the films were viewed over 11 million times.  I love watching them, but I will admit, watching Clive Owen drive ‘my’ car, isn’t too painful either  :)

The plots were different for each film, however the driver (Clive Owen) remained the same. He was hired to perform a mystery deliverys or pick ups that involved one of BMW’s finest. If you missed the original 8, view Season 1 + Season 2.

This next clip features BMW stunt driver, Bill Auberlen , who gives us the inside scoop how stunts are set up and executed  à la BMW.

The Making of BMW Films from Bulent Keles on Vimeo.