This Rooftop Pool Is A Deadly Swim!

I never thought I’d say this, but I am actually scared of swimming in a pool. Yeah I know, it’s odd and very lame if you just reference those words in their simplest meaning. However, it’s the underlying meaning that is important here, and it’s a huge one. Usually hotels in a hotel cramped area put their pools on the rooftop to even make sure they have one. The area around the hotel don’t have the space to incorporate a pool, so they have to find other ways to fit one on the property. This is particularly present in Los Angeles for example.

I have never seen a pool this high up and so close to the edge. Jumping in that one is truly a feat for anyone with a fear of heights. Not only does it come so close to the edge of the hotel itself, it’s set over 200 meters above ground and without any rails to protect you from swimming over the ledge.

If you’re swimming in this pool, you’re up for one of the most amazing views that you will ever find. The cityscape will provide you with an unforgivable experience that is fit for a king. I just have one concern… why is it so empty at this spot? Did all the people already swim over the ledge or are they just too scared to visit this epic pool?