Three Quick Translation Tips To Reach Global Travelers

Global travel is on the rise, and there is an expectation that it will increase more in years to come. Every day, many people travel to different places around the world to spend their leisure time, holidays, work, and business meetings. That’s why you need these quick translation tips to make sure your text is readable by everyone.

The first place travelers head to before the airport is the internet or websites of traveling service providers to surf for information.

Such information includes where to travel, places they are planning to visit, where to stay, how to pay, what to do, and more. Most people or travelers browse websites they understand for easy planning for their traveling.

For that, as a brand that wants to connect and reach global travelers — you’ll need to translate your brand message and content into the language your potential customers prefer.

This is to reach out to them effectively. It is also pertinent to know that translation may go wrong when not accurately done. Therefore, here are three quick translation tips to reach global travelers.

Three Quick Translation Tips Reach Global Travelers


1. Make Your Brand/Content Understandable

As the rate of international travel continues to grow, making your content understandable in the linguistic preference of your target audience is a focal point for reaching global travelers. Here are a few approaches worth considering to make your content understandable.

Simple Language

The intricacies of one language cannot be correctly interpreted into another language as potential miscommunication might arise. So, keep the translation as simple as possible if you want to reach global travelers, but maintain the intended brand voice.

Making it simple guarantees that the content meant for your target audience becomes less complex and more understandable.

Machine And Human Translation

Machine translation is the automatic (by computer) conversion of text from one language to another, while Human translation refers to translations done by human translators.

Although machine translation is faster and more cost-effective, human translation is still the best form of translating any travel information. Such information as travel magazines, menus, brochures, books, advertisements, and contents needs a human translation to be accurately translated.

So, it is advised not just to rely on machine language but on human translation.

This is because machine translation isn’t always accurate and cannot provide you with high-quality translation. Therefore, to make your brand/ content understandable, hire professional translators who are native speakers of the language of the market you want to target. On the other hand, accuracy is one of many benefits of remote interpretation.

This will enable you to reach International travelers and provide them with quality, credible, and trusted content.


Localization is adapting a product, service, or content to the language and culture of a target market. As part of your website translation plan, don’t just interpret words. Every part of your website and content should be adapted to suit the customer who reads them- regarding their culture too.

Also, remember the differences between cultures so you don’t create unnecessary conflict and a bad representation of your brand. Each interpretation has to be personalized for the target audience so they can understand it easily.

Be sure that the integral parts of your business are properly localized to attract global customers. Electronic pay points, website/app user reviews, hotel brochures, and restaurant menus need to be localized. Localizing them will help you improve your influence in the market and build trust and a unique brand.

2. Pay Attention To Your Results

As a crucial marketing and translation strategy to expand your global travelers’ reach, always pay attention to metrics. Use Google Analytics to check website visitors’ language and location. Also, learn how many visits are coming from the countries that you are targeting.

If these visitors often engage with your website, you should consider translating it to their local language, as this is an opportunity for expansion and local market penetration.

By continuously making your content available in the language your visitors speak, you will build trust and gain a progressive flow of customers.

3. SEO And SEO Translation

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to the techniques that improve the quantity of your website traffic and helps it rank higher in search engine result pages. For this reason, SEO is required to reach more global travelers.

In SEO translation, the trick is to ensure your website still ranks high in search engines after translating your website’s content to another target language.

SEO translation requires you to know both Translation and SEO tactics. Translators must consider not only the readers but also the search engine algorithm.

For example, content may perform well while in its original language, but once it is directly translated into another target language, it may lose its ability to rank well. For that, keyword translation is important in SEO.

If you were to translate high-ranking content in English to another target language, the content might no longer rank well because the keywords may not be relevant in the new language. With that, you may not reach more of your target.

The reason is when people in a particular region search the web, they are most likely to see search results websites that contain the keywords they used in their search engine.

At this point, if your web content does not have popular keywords relevant to the local language of your target market, your content may rank poorly on search engines.

So it is important to make sure that the translated content contains specific keywords relevant to the languages of your potential global travelers.

The Ultimate Guide For Reaching Global Travelers Through These Three Tips

It is always tasking to know how to actualize and make these three quick tips happen to reach more global travelers. Remember, those quick tips are to make every part of your customers’ search for information about their journey easy and pleasant for them.

Also, making it easy for you to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with your competitors or higher than them.

Here are a few ways to actualize the three tips to reach global travelers.

Competitor Analysis

Most traveling business owners think they can reach out to more people in one way.

While you might get stuck with using one way or one or a few languages, there is a lot of competition going on, and those who want to get an edge over others use varieties of translations, thereby getting better and reaching more global travelers.

When carrying out an analysis, you can only know why others are getting better than you. Analyzing your competitors makes you know and understand what they are doing to get more marketplaces in tourism and reach out to more global travelers.

When you do this, you can identify the gap in language or translation issues you are facing. Only when you identify that you can search and know how to fill those gaps.

Leverage The Expertise Of A Professional Translation Service Provider

Just as we have tipped on not relying on machine translation because it is not always accurate, the human translation may still go bad when you do not hire the best translation agency because Translating to reach out more to your customer is tasking.

Hiring professional translation service providers can make your work easy by handling all the processes of translation that need to be done. Working with one with experience in helping businesses provide quality content for international travelers in their local languages can help you reach global travelers.

With the help of a good translation service that employs translators who are native speakers of the language of your International target markets, you will be provided with quality and accurate content. Remember, Getting a wrong translation agent simply means getting your translations wrong and losing your audiences.

When you are ready to translate and reach global travelers, contact Torjoman to be your language support. You will get the best translation that you need to stand out from the competition and reach more global travelers.

Trusting them with your translation means reaching your goals of communicating effectively and efficiently to your customers and target audience.

Quick Translation Tips – Conclusion

If you are a travel services provider determined to reach an audience of global travelers, you’ll need to prioritize creating content that your international target audiences can read and understand. The best way to achieve this is by translating into their language.

For those looking for translation services in Dubai, Torjoman might be the perfect solution.

Most business owners may rely on one language or machine translation- both of which are not effective and accurate. With our three quick translation tips for reaching global travelers and professional translation services, you will be able to reach more global travelers.

This will not only differentiate your brand in international markets but also boost your reach and make your brand a worldwide name.

Three Quick Translation Tips Reach Global Travelers


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