Tips For Oriental Rugs Maintenance

The average rug cannot achieve the elegance, artistry, and beauty that an Oriental rug creates. Along with a high aesthetic standard, they require a high maintenance standard. The best way to maintain them is to include the following in your routine and once a year hire a professional oriental rug cleaning service:

  • Rotate Regularly – Some experts suggest rotating rugs every one or two years. It is best to turn them every month or two if the rugs are in high traffic areas. It allows an even distribution of wear. A uniform look helps maintain the value and appearance.
  • Block Sunlight – Over time, sunlight causes Oriental rugs to fade dramatically. Block sunlight from the rug as much as possible to prevent premature fading.
  • Flip The Rug – There are fringes on most Oriental rugs that can quickly become tangled and twisted. Do not comb the fringe to untangle it. Combing causes damage to natural fringe fibers. Flip one end of the rug over the other. Shake the rug gently to straighten the fringe.
  • Vacuum Regularly – All rugs require vacuuming. The Oriental rugs must be cleaned regularly to prevent natural fibers from becoming packed by excess traffic.
  • Address Spills Immediately – If a spill is not addressed immediately, it can quickly develop into a stain. Absorb excess liquid by blotting the stain with a dry cloth. Do not use common cleaning products like soap or bleach on the Oriental rug.

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They can damage the fibers. Use water to cleanse the stain. If water does not remove the stain, consult a professional rug cleaning service specializing in Oriental rugs to ensure the effective and safe removal of the stain.

  • Use Padding – Padding beneath an Oriental rug helps keep it stabilized, protects the shape, and reduces wrinkling. It enhances the rug’s value and makes it more comfortable and safer to walk on.
  • Rearrange The Room – Prevent wearing down one region of a rug by rearranging the furniture to create new traffic flow a couple of times each year. It allows more even wear and increases the rug’s lifespan.
  • Take A Cold Damp Cloth To The Rug – Instead of beating the rug, re-fresh the surface with a damp sponge or cloth dampened with cold water. It helps remove surface dust and restore the fibers in the rug for a fresh, clean look.
  • Have It Professionally Cleaned – It is recommended to have Oriental rugs professionally cleaned every three to five years. It prevents soil and dirt build-up and fully restores the natural fibers of the rug. Hiring professional rug cleaners extends the life of the rug.

Owners enjoy better quality and comfort throughout the use of the rug. The advantages of hiring a professional Oriental rug cleaner include

  • Preserving the rug’s value
  • Pick-up and delivery
  • Thoroughness
  • Access to superior products and equipment

Most Oriental rug cleaning specialists pick up the rug and reinstall it. They have specialized equipment and cleaning products that are safe for cleaning and drying the delicate rug fibers.

  • Air Out The Rug – Moisture build-up on a rug can cause mold and mildew growth. Hang the Oriental rug outside to dry for a few hours twice per year or anytime it comes in contact with moisture. It also reduces the presence of odor.

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