Tips To Help You Regain Your Blogging Focus

If a newbie blogger asked you for one tip that might help his or her blog become more successful, what would you say? You can probably think of many tips, but what if you had to choose just one? I have had people ask me that question before, and although my answer changes depending on what challenges I’m facing at the moment, for the most part, my answer is to learn how to focus.

At first, learning how to focus on our blogging goals might seem like a simple thing to do, but sometimes it’s easier said than done. This is especially true these days since in addition to our regular to-do list, we are keeping up with multiple social media sites throughout the day. For me, focusing is a constant struggle, and I’m always looking for ways to make it a little easier to cut out all the distractions during the day.

I found three tools for us to use to increase our ability to focus so we can sharpen your blogging skills. The first one is an article on Lifehacker called How to Rebuild Your Attention Span and Focus. The second one is this nifty little How To Focus Mind Map below. Last but not least, there is a fun chart called 9 Tips to Increase Your Focus For Getting Things Done. I hope these things give you the jolt of inspiration you need to focus today! They’ve already helped me.

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Image Credits: [WonderHowTo] [Learning Fundamentals] [Hey Donna]