Top 3 Rising Destinations For Digital Nomads

We assume you are a digital nomad yourself and you are in pursuit of the ideal place to settle down in for a while? If that is true, and you are really up against it searching for the perfect location for your lifestyle, then you will find what you need in this article about the top 3 rising destinations for digital nomads.

Before we go into the candidates that made it to the top of the list, we need to go through the criteria that we had in mind while narrowing down the destinations and see what makes a place the one for a digital nomad.

The chief factors we took into consideration are:

  • Internet
  • Entertainment and Nightlife
  • Socialising Opportunities
  • Safety
  • Weather
  • The Presence of the Digital Nomad Community

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1. Tarifa, Spain

Tarifa is a small town located on the southernmost coast of mainland Spain, and the best period to spend time there is in low season, which would be September to June.

To start with, getting to the place is very easy, and the infrastructure is incredible. The cost of living is low and the prizes are, too, so you should not have trouble with your expenses.

Weather-wise, Tarifa is a dream, featuring a Mediterranean climate with Oceanic influences, with its pleasant, warm summers and mild winters. Additionally, Tarifa is a wonder if you are an explorer and like to learn about new regions. In the very heart of Andalusia, Tarifa gives you an ideal opportunity to delve into the rest of the autonomous community.

If you are tired of the big city life, and would prefer to escape to a bit more secluded area, but still not too cut out from the urban life, Tarifa might be just the place for you!  The people are friendly and out-going, so your social life will not be neglected if you are a bit of a social butterfly.

1. Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia has become a paradise for digital nomads in the recent years. Numerous Croatian cities, such as Split, Zadar, Osijek, and Rijeka are highly popular in the digital nomad circles, but we have chosen the capital of the Balkan country for the sole reason of a more of an international feel to the city.

Living in Croatia, similarly to other Balkan countries, is fairly cheap and affordable. As far as entertainment goes, you will find that Zagreb hosts an abundance of bars, cafés, and restaurants that you can check out.

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Regarding the socializing opportunities, the people of Zagreb are welcoming and friendly, so you will surely make friends very easily. With the inviting atmosphere of the city, great Internet speed and a legion of tourist attractions to see, you will instantly fall in love with Zagreb!

3. Belgrade, Serbia

We saved the most promising for last.

Belgrade is the capital of Serbia and we deem that it deserves much more recognition in the nomad community. Now, it is indeed moderately popular, but with the growing technology and catching up with the standards, in the past few years the biggest city in Serbia has reached a new high in welcoming tourists and new citizens.

The city covers absolutely all of the basic needs of a digital nomad, starting off with the fast Internet (24 Mbps), a plentiful of coffee shops, restaurants, and pubs that offer free Wi-Fi, a low cost of living, all wrapped up by the warm and friendly people.

All of these make Belgrade a digital nomad heaven. The size of the city and various means of transport make it easy to get around in it, and if you are after some late night fun, we are sure you will enjoy Belgrade’s lively nightlife.

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