Top 4 Greatest Anti-Smoking Campaigns Ever

Smoking is renowned for being a deadly habit. Regularly picking up cigarettes can leave users with various serious illnesses, bad teeth, and, not to mention, empty wallets. This knowledge is widely accepted and there is plenty of in-depth information online about how breathing in toxic cigarette smoke can damage your health.

However, sometimes this isn’t enough, and individuals will need an extra push to encourage them to put down the cigarettes and change their lives for the better. Here are some incredibly successful anti-smoking campaigns that have been used to encourage cigarette users to quit.

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Smoking Kid

This eye-opening video racked up a massive 5,000,000 views in just over a week. The campaign features a clip of two children walking around holding a cigarette and asking adults who were smoking for a light.

In every situation, the children were turned down and the adults explained to the kids that smoking is a filthy habit. Most even provided the children with information on how smoking is seriously damaging. The kids then hand the smokers a note saying, ‘You worry about me but why not about yourself?’ which highlights that the adults know the consequences of smoking but choose to ignore it.

A number for a hotline that could offer advice on how to quit smoking was also included on the note. As a result, the campaign reportedly encouraged a 40% increase in people calling, to attempt to quit.

Tips From Former Smokers

This extremely powerful campaign includes clips of former smokers displaying how they’ve been affected by smoking. The people included in the campaign have various forms of cancers and vascular diseases. One video even features a young boy who suffers from asthma and had to be rushed to hospital after inhaling second-hand smoke. Including this, forces smokers to accept that their actions don’t only affect themselves.

This very graphic anti-smoking campaign from The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention hammers home that real people are suffering from illnesses caused by smoking.

As far as an anti-smoking campaign goes, this one is rather upbeat. In this video, a group of ‘singing cowboys’ turn up in Times Square, the leading cowboy is dressed similar to the ‘Marlboro Man,” the famous face of the tobacco advertising. However, this cowboy has had a laryngectomy and therefore is reliant upon an electronic voice box to sing his tune.

During the catchy tune, the man spills the truth on how tobacco-related diseases can affect your life, including a line on how your tongue can sometimes be snipped from your mouth. Seeing someone who resembles the rugged, tough face of Marlboro speaking out about the dangers of smoking hammers home the message that smoking can affect the lives of anyone.

The Lung Association

This campaign, unlike others on this list, was social rather than digital. ‘The Hole’ campaign features a picture of a man with a hole in his neck, that was placed over the stub trays of bins. This meant that to stub out their fags, consumers had to stub out their cigarettes in the hole, giving them a potential glimpse into the future.

Below the picture were the words “This man smoked 125,000 cigarettes before he got cancer. What number did you just finish?” which makes it impossible for smokers to disassociate themselves from the featured image.

As these campaigns show, there are serious implications to lighting up a cigarette. Despite the health implications of switching tobacco to an e-cigarette not being confirmed, it certainly contains fewer chemicals than cigarettes. This means that it is a much healthier alternative to smoking, leading to the healthier habit gaining more mainstream notice in recent years. Because of this, e-cigarette campaigns are set to trend in 2018.

Therefore, it might be time to put down the packet and pick up a vapor cigarette if you want to change your life in a big way.

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