Top 5 Tips For Buying The Perfect Chaise Sofa

If you want to add comfort, style, and practicality to your living room, a chaise sofa could be the perfect choice. A fantastic way to expand your sofa space, or create an elegant seating area in your bedroom, chaise sofas will bring a touch of vintage style to any interior.

Chaise sofas can be used as stand-alone pieces or added to sectional sofas to make large U or L-shaped furnishings. This flexibility makes them ideal for people who like to change up the look of their living space and those who want to maximize the amount of room they’ve got for lounging, relaxing, and chilling out.

If you’re currently considering a chaise sofa, here are our top 5 tips for getting your choice just right.

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1. Size It Up

The first thing you need to think about when buying a chaise sofa is the size. Chaise sofas range in length from around 45 inches to almost 70 inches, so there are a good few options to choose from when selecting your preferred piece.

If your chaise sofa is going to be a stand-alone furnishing, it’s a good idea to choose a design with a seat long enough to support your legs when you’re leaning on the backrest. This will ensure it’s comfortable to sit on when you’re reading, working or relaxing.

Though perfect for lounging on, small chaise sofas are generally more compact than standard 2-seaters. This makes them the ideal option for cosy living areas or luxurious bedrooms.

You can make your chaise even more versatile by choosing a design that’s long enough for two people to sit on side by side. If your sofa is big enough to comfortably accommodate two or even three guests, you can use it as handy extra seating when friends or family drop in for a visit.

To maximise the usability of your chaise, opt for a piece that can double up as an occasional bed. Having a chaise sleeper will help to make your living area more versatile and give you plenty of space for unexpected guests.

If you’re adding a chaise to an existing sectional sofa, you’ll need to check that the extending end doesn’t get in the way of your doors, walkways, or other furnishings. Measure the space carefully before you buy to ensure you don’t create any awkward areas or inaccessible spaces.

2. Choosing The Right Tone

The next think you’ll need to consider is colour. The tone of your furnishing will have a big impact on the look and feel of your space and your overall interior design theme, so it’s important to get it just right.

If you’ve gone for a light, bright Scandinavian look in your lounge, choose a classic grey or off-white chaise. Alternatively, if you prefer a retro mid-century modern look – or just like your furnishings to make a statement – opt for an eye-catching teal or dark grey finish.

Because chaise sofas are generally accent pieces, they work particularly well with bold tones. So don’t be afraid to choose a colour that really stands out from the crowd.

3. Fabric Finish

Once you’ve decided on a colour, you’ll need to select your favourite fabric. Some of the most common options for chaise sofas are leather, velvet and polyester. All of these materials are durable and hardwearing, so it really just comes down to which one you like the best.

Leather has a classic, timeless aesthetic that makes it perfect for vintage interiors and mid-century modern themes. Leather is easy to clean and easy to maintain. However, it does need regular TLC in order to keep it looking its best, and it can be easily scratched by cats, dogs and children.

If you’d like a slightly softer look, choose a chaise sectional sofa with polyester upholstery. Polyester is very easy to clean, and you can generally keep it looking fresh with regular vacuuming. Ideal for family life, soft, pliable polyester is a great choice if you’re planning to use your sofa with chaise as an occasional bed.

Last but definitely not least, velvet chaise sectionals can look sensational. Luxurious and indulgent, velvet has a fantastic retro charm and a beautifully reflective finish. Surprisingly good for pets and children, it’s a great choice for busy homes and rich, vibrant interiors.

4. All In One Piece?

Chaise sofas can either be used as single, stand-alone items or as part of larger sectional sofas. If you’re placing your chaise in your bedroom, have limited living space, or plan on using it as extra seating, you’ll probably want a single chaise that’s long enough for relaxing and reclining.

Another option is to add a chaise to a sectional sofa. Chaise lounge sectionals offer generous, versatile seating. They allow you to accommodate extra friends and family and give you plenty of space to stretch out and relax at the end of a busy day.

Some chaise sofas can be used both as stand-alone pieces and as part of a larger sectional sofa layout. These pieces are perfect for those who want to maximise the flexibility in their living area or change up the look and feel of their interior on a regular basis.

5. Left Or Right?

Now you’ve decided on the colour, fabric and size of your chaise sofa, the only thing left to think about is its orientation. Chaise sofas can be arranged so they face either left or right. Think about the layout of your living room, the other furnishings in the space and the position of your TV when deciding which option is right for you.

There are ways to arrange sofa cushions that allow you to make your chaise reversible. This can be a good option if you’re not sure which orientation will work best in your living space.

Alternatively, invest in both a left and right-hand chaise sofa and place them end to end or back to back to create a welcoming double chaise.

Chaise sofas will make your seating area that bit more versatile and add a little vintage charm to your interior. A fantastic choice for both modern and period properties, a chaise sofa lounge could be the perfect solution for your living area.

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