Great Travel Hacks And Tips For Visiting Russia

Russia is well known for its beauty, historical and cultural heritage. There’s a great deal of interest in the country that attracts tourists and travelers from around the world. Those traveling to Russia for the first time are not aware of many things in Russian society or its warm hospitality. Even if you don’t speak the language or have never eaten Kholodets, Russia is sure to impress you. However, it would help if one is aware of certain tips and travel hacks before they make the trip.

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At The borders

Always carry your passport and other documents when you travel near a border especially if it is sensitive. Anyhow, you would need your passport everywhere you go, and all your documents are sacred.  Whether you want to buy a ticket, shop or make reservations, you would need your passport. All Russians carry two passports, a domestic, and a foreign one.

Best Time To Visit

Russia is separated into different time zones, and one needs to check which time zone they are in. The climate can vary from region to region as Russia is a vast country. September is the month when you should visit as the weather is warm and enjoyable. Head for Siberian is you are not afraid of cold, but wear layers of clothes. Enjoy all the winter activities here such as making a snowman, ice skating and skiing. If you want to celebrate with Russians, plan your trip accordingly and celebrate New Year and Russian Orthodox Christmas here.

Your money

Ruble is the official currency of Russia, and one can convert their money into rubles right at the airport. Credit cards are not accepted, and one can look for favorable exchange rates in any bank in the city. It is always best to have rubles in your wallet, and no other currency is used here. Very few people speak English, and if you need to converse a lot, you would need a personal translator.

Getting Around In Russia

The territory of Russia is huge, and there is so much to see and explore beyond Moscow. It is not possible to walk between two places, and the best means of moving around are the subway or the taxis. During rush hours, expect traffic jams on the road. Plan your taxi bookings well in advance and avoid getting into the car of an unlicensed driver.

Kiwitaxi transfer in Russia is the most reliable and popular among locals and tourists. Kiwitaxi is commonly known for airport transfers Russia and their services are excellent. You are given an individual meeting point and help with your luggage. Russian trains are excellent for long overnight journeys. Sapsan high-speed trains offer a 50 percent discount if it is your birthday week or if you are traveling in a group.

Eat At Places With Special Offers

Look for Russian cafes and restaurants with special offers. Many restaurants even serve homemade dishes that are very cheap and will cost you about 300 rubles. Ordinary public canteens and different eateries often serve excellent meals at discounted rates. You can even cook your own meals.

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