This Is What A Typical Female Mac User Looks Like [Chart]

We’ve all seen the comparisons of Mac vs. PC people, and they’re always good for a giggle. Obviously everyone is different so those studies are half-baked from the get go, but they’re still entertaining to read. I remember about a year ago when Richard wrote a Mac vs. PC People article. According to the research he presented, Mac people throw more parties, dress more chic and eat more salty chips than PC people. But what do those people look like? More specifically, what does the typical female Mac user look like? There are two ways you can get the answer to that question. You can either drive to the closest Apple store and look around, or you can check out this chart below which shows you exactly what she looks like.

This chart was created by Bluestacks, and they came up with these results by analyzing their over one million Facebook fans, and although they admit their data is unscientific, they also point out that so is love…so. Well, you can’t really argue with that. According to this chart, the typical female Mac user wears sneakers, blue jeans, t-shirts and has freckles. Also, 18% apparently have an unusually large head. That must be because their brains are so big from being on the computer a lot, or something like that.

You might remember that last year, Bluestacks did the same thing when they created Mr. Android 2011. I like this Ms. Mac 2012 better though. Bluestacks, which is a company currently promoting their beta software which allows Android programs to run on Macs, was brilliant to create a buzz about themselves with something fun like this. What a great way to get to know that company, and also to find out what the typical female Mac user looks like. So the question is, are you typical?

The Typical Female Mac User Looks Like This

(based on some very unscientific data)
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Via: [Design Taxi]