Uncommon Addictions You May Want To Seek Help For

We all have addictions; some of us love chocolate while others are obsessed with a specific fun sporting activity. All of this is normal if it does not affect your daily life. An obsession or an addiction is considered abnormal if it is dangerous to your health, those around you, and caused significant distress in your life. Sometimes it can be hard to tell if an addiction is detrimental, but if you get a constant reminder from your friends and family about how worried they are, then it’s best to seek medical help to find the underlying cause.

If you are wondering about which type of addiction will require you to seek help, then we are here to give you further insights to educate you. Here is a list of unhealthy addictions that you should seek help for.

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Constantly Washing Your Hands

It’s essential to wash your hands after performing a specific task, but to continually wash your hands every second of the day can be very annoying. Keep in mind that soap can irritate your skin and instigate dermatitis and eczema. Another thing is that washing your hands can be a coping mechanism for something very stressful and abnormal. This is part of the psychiatric issue call OCD or obsessive-compulsive disorder. If you find yourself washing your hands every second, then it’s best to seek help right away.


Everybody loves shopping, but if you find yourself shopping to the point where you use all your savings and money, then this can be a problem. Constantly buying unnecessary and expensive item can definitely bankrupt you and put a hole in your wallet. Keep in mind that shopping can be a coping mechanism for stress and anxiety in your life. It’s best to talk to a therapist to find the root problem that is causing you to seek out these items.


Exercise is definitely good for your health, but if you are exercising too much, then that can be a problem. A lot of times people with an eating disorder would exercise to compensate for their calorie intake. This type of eating disorder is called bulimia and can lead to the electrolyte imbalance and injury from overusing your muscles and joints. It is normal to exercise every day for an hour or two, but to exercise the whole day on a daily basis can be problematic.

Getting help

According to California rehab, any form of activity that causes distress or is the coping mechanism to any underlying issue requires immediate attention. It’s best to seek help from a counselor or therapist so they can give you strategies to cope with your anxiety or other mental health issues. If the addiction is extremely severe, you may have to seek help from a psychiatrist for prescription medication along with a weekly therapy session to help you treat your mental health.

Mental health and addiction is a very complex disease. This is mainly because there’s no single pill or band-Aid to help treat and completely cure the issue. A lot of addictions and mental problems goes deep into our subconscious level. It’s hard to be aware that we are abnormally doing something until someone points it out. With the help of a counselor, proper rehabilitation, and medication, you are on your way to a better and healthier mental health.

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