Uniquely Strange Wedding Gowns – Would You Wear Them?

A wedding is something that every woman looks forward to since it happens only once in her life. She will definitely make sure that everything is in order and perfect. The cake, the menu, the reception venue, the church, the rings, the invitations are all given a lot of attention. However, I think the one thing that the bride really meticulously pays attention to is her wedding dress. I know some women who actually spends thousands and thousands of dollars so that their favorite designers can make their dream wedding gown. Of course, the bride wants to make sure that she is unique and special that day, so creativity is also needed when choosing the best wedding gown for the big ‘I do’ event.

I am getting married next year, and I am excited. My entire family is also excited, and I was looking at some wedding gowns to see which ones would suit me. I like the classic look, nothing frilly but something very elegant. I was shocked to find some unusual wedding dresses that I thought I would share with you. Some are cute, others are really strange, but all in all, I will stick to my choice of a classic style wedding gown. Some of the dresses featured here are made of paper, balloons and LED bulbs! If you were going to get married soon, would you wear any of the ones below? Or if you are the groom, would you like these?

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Image Source – Wedding cake dress

Image Source – Balloon Wedding Dress

Image Source – paper Wedding Dress