The Use Of Cannabis In Various Industries – Is It So Helpful?

Our ancestors used cannabis for food, clothes, decorations, and medical purposes. Nowadays, more than 50 thousand different goods are produced from this plant. Over the past decade, the turnover of the technical hemp market has grown from zero to hundreds of billions of dollars! If you still doubt the usefulness of cannabis – read where it is used.

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1. Chemical Industry

Did you know that hemp seeds are used in the food and chemical industries? Our ancestors made an analog of a pain reliever from hemp seeds and leaves, and today hemp extract is used in the manufacture of beauty products and medicines. Hemp oil is an excellent antioxidant and is recommended for patients with cancer, problems with the respiratory, digestive, and cardiovascular systems. People usually buy seeds on and in special repositories, grow plants, and then use them for various purposes.

2. Knitwear Production

It is incredible, but more than four thousand years ago, hemp was the basis of knitwear production. Archaeological excavations confirm that people who inhabited the territory of Europe often used clothes from this plant in everyday life.

Technical hemp is used in industrial production of fiber, from which clothes and shoes are sewn. The fiber is obtained from the stems, which constitutes about 65% of the total dry weight. You can buy hemp clothes, shoes, and household goods both at specialized fairs and on the Internet.

3. Construction

Cannabis is an organic raw material and a powerful antiseptic, so in Europe, it is even used in construction. For example, in the UK, the government launched a program to build houses with walls made from lime, hemp, and dried plants. In Germany, hemp is used as a bedding for laminate or parquet, and it is also used to insulate the facades of buildings.

4. Paper Production

Nowadays, people use cellulose to make paper – 42% of the trees are cut down exclusively to make paper. However, paper can also be made from hemp. At the same time, it comes out of better quality and much cheaper than traditional paper. Trees take decades to grow, and hemp can be harvested in just 120 days after planting. The most amazing thing is that many historically important literary works have survived to our times only due to the durability of hemp paper. For example, the first paper money, the US Constitution and Declaration of Independence, and the first printed Gutenberg Bible were printed on hemp paper.

5. Healthcare

It is widely known that cannabis can be used for medical purposes. The use of medical cannabis has been discussed by the medical community since the 90s as an alternative therapy for diseases that are almost impossible to cure. Medical cannabis helps to treat the following pathological conditions:

  • Pain;
  • Muscle tension;
  • Poor blood circulation;
  • Spasms;
  • Chemotherapy;
  • Hormonal disorders;
  • Sexual disorders;
  • Psychological state.

As you can see, cannabis is more than just useful – this is an indispensable component of many industries.

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