What Are My Varicose Vein Treatment Options?

Varicose veins are simply veins that have enlarged and twisted. Though generally harmless, they may cause some discomfort to the person suffering from this condition. Many people aged 50 and above are affected by varicose veins, and this is mainly due to the changes in blood circulation that occur as one ages.

You will discover varicose veins often in your calves and in your legs, and they usually look twisted or ropey. Family history could also be attributed to the veins, and some people get them due to prolonged standing or sitting. If you have these veins, there are few treatment options you could pursue in order to remove them.

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The first step to ensuring you are treated well is a diagnosis. Your doctor will conduct a physical examination of the varicose veins to see the extent of the swelling. The doctor may also ask you to describe any pain you may be feeling. In some cases, you may need to get an ultrasound test to establish if the valves within your veins are working normally.

Treatment Options

Treatment, in this case, does not mean you have to stay in the hospital. Most of the remedies you will find can be performed at home, and you will only need occasional visits to the hospital. Here are some of the treatment options you have for varicose veins.

Compression Stockings

The first approach to treating varicose veins is wearing compression stockings. This is recommended to squeeze the legs and help the veins to encourage blood to move smoothly. Compression of the stockings varies, so consult to know how much you need. Many pharmacies sell compression stockings that you can use for treatment.

Medical Treatment

More severe veins can be treated using different approaches. If your veins fail to respond to the self-care stockings, medical treatment is probably the next approach. One of the options you have in this category is sclerotherapy, a procedure in which the doctor injects a solution to the affected veins to close them. In few weeks, the veins will fade.

You could also have laser surgeries where the doctor uses new technology for laser treatments by closing off smaller veins. Laser treatment sends strong bursts of light through the veins to make them to fade slowly.

Lifestyle Changes

You could embrace additional self-care solutions at home. These include exercise that will encourage better blood circulation, so get moving. Work on losing weight as this helps to release additional pressure from the veins. While sleeping or seating, elevate your legs to improve circulation of blood. Most importantly, avoid standing or sitting for long periods as this could block an efficient flow of blood.

If you have varicose veins, you should not be terrified because this is something that occurs to many people. The veins can be treated using a number of solutions including surgical methods or even some home remedies. Take foods that contain less salt and also consider getting more active to improve the circulation of blood through the veins. Note that some extreme conditions have to be subjected to medical treatment, so if home remedies don’t offer results see your doctor.

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