Do You Want An Ethical, Eco-Friendly Engagement Ring?

You get your produce from your local farmer’s markets. You get fair trade coffee beans. You try your best to avoid fast fashion stores with products made in sweatshops, going for eco-friendly clothing by local designers instead. You are always careful about what you buy. Why would your engagement ring be any different? Find out how you can find the ring that perfectly matches your values.

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Do Your Research

The first thing that you should do is research jewelers to see if their work meets your standards when it comes to environmentalism, sustainability, and labor practices. You want to go to a jeweler that is transparent and upfront about ethical materials, and that’s committed to helping clients look for the right ring.

Start by looking at their website, along with the websites of their partners. Look into the descriptions of their materials and gemstones. See where they make the jewelry. If you have questions that the website just isn’t answering, don’t be afraid to send them an email or give them a call.

Look At Lab-Grown Stones

Are you thinking of getting a diamond engagement ring, but you’re worried about it being an unethical choice? Many modern couples are wary about picking diamonds for their rings because of stigma in the diamond industry.

The good news is that there are companies that follow ethical labor practices and that work hard to minimize environmental impact. Look for jewelers that mention the Kimberley Process, an initiative representing industry transparency and conflict-free mining.

If that’s not enough to wipe away your worries, you can always use lab-grown diamonds for your engagement ring. They’re environmentally friendly, conflict-free alternatives to naturally sourced stones.

And they look exactly the same! Click the link to see lab diamond engagement rings in Toronto and wedding rings in Toronto using ethically sourced and lab-grown diamonds. It’s proof that you can have a gorgeous, guilt-free ring.

A custom jeweler may also have the gemstone moissanite available. Moissanite is another favorite pick for environmentally conscious couples because it’s commonly produced in a laboratory. Natural moissanite is very rare, so you’re not likely to encounter it when you’re ring shopping. It’s ethical, budget-friendly, and beautiful to look at.

Reused Materials

Lots of jewelers also use recycled gold to make their ring bands. The gold is cleaned and purified before being melted down once more. If you’re really interested in reusing materials, you should think about getting a vintage ring. Vintage rings and other heirloom jewelry are excellent sources for gemstones that won’t have any negative impact on the environment. They were already mined decades ago!

A Green Wedding

You don’t have to stop at a problem-free ring. You can host a green wedding where everything from the guest invitations to the favors meets your standards. Your big day will be anything but wasteful.

Don’t get demoralized when you’re looking for an engagement ring. There are lots of options out there that are ethical, eco-friendly, and gorgeous. When you know where to look and what to look for, you’ll find the right pick for your sweetheart.

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