Want Larger Breasts? Just Chew This Gum!

This makes me giggle. A lot. I want to be careful how I word this because there are women all over the Internet that claim this gum works, but… um… are you kidding me?

Sometimes it seems like creative marketers will pick up on any insecurity we have and exploit it, doesn’t it? This reminds me of the article I wrote called, “Wanna Get Skinny? Just Use This Lip Balm.” That lip balm will help you keep your beach body all year long. Yep, my treadmill has been up for sale ever since I started using that lip balm. I don’t need it anymore! :)

In the same way, chewing this gum apparently will plump up your breasts. The website says, “If going to the gym is too much effort and plastic surgery is not appealing, the other alternative is the all new Breast Enhancement Gum by Zoft!” This is an herbal product and supposedly it tastes bad and the consistency is creepy, but the results are worth it. The instructions say to chew 2-6 pieces each day, and by about the fourth day, your breasts will start feeling tingly and larger.

Well, silliness aside, if this gum makes some women feel better about their bodies, I’m all for it. You can purchase your own Zoft gum here. For me, personally, I could probably use a little breast reduction. Anyone know of a gum or lip balm for that? If you hear of one, let me know, I’ll give it a shot. Hahaha

[via Zoft Breast Gum]