What Is CBC Isolate And How To Add It To Your Products Line?

If you are aware of the latest wellness trends, you might have heard about THC and CBD, the most popular cannabinoids of the cannabis plant that have stormed the medical world. But it is worth noting that while CBD and THC are much popular, there are about 116 cannabinoids found in cannabis plants. Though other cannabinoids are relatively less popular, they have their own set of effects and benefits.

Cannabichromene, commonly known as CBC, is one of the 116 cannabinoids of cannabis plants. Since it is a newly emerging cannabinoid and does not get a lot of attention, still it has been shown to have potential benefits for various health conditions. It is the reason that CBC has started to garner a lot of attention, and many people are planning to add this rare cannabinoid to their product line to enjoy the remarkable benefits of Cannabichromene.

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There was a time when CBC was abundantly found in Indian and tropical cannabis, but the modern breeding practices focused on higher demand for THC and CBD, which resulted in low CBC concentration in modern strains.

While researchers have found some CBC rich strains, the scarcity of this cannabinoid makes it rare and hard to find. We can easily find traces of CBC in full-spectrum cannabis products but getting the highly refined CBC isolate is more challenging. At present, only a few premium manufacturers such as GVB Biopharma are able to provide bulk CBC isolate.

You may be wondering what CBC isolates can do for me? And how does it work to improve various health conditions? We are here to guide you about the benefits of CBC and how it works with other cannabinoids, to evaluate its potential. But before moving to the benefits of CBC, it is crucial to understand CBC isolates first.

What Is CBC Isolate?

Cannabichromene is a non-psychoactive compound primarily originated from cannabis and usually derived from hemp plants. CBC stems from Cannabigerol which is also considered the mother of all cannabinoids. From CBGa (cannabigerolic acid), it is converted into CBCa (cannabichromene carboxylic acid), which further passes through decarboxylation to form CBC.

CBC isolate is the complete extract of cannabichromene that does not contain other cannabinoids, flavonoids, or terpenes. It is the second most abundant cannabinoid and one of the six significant cannabinoids in Cannabis Sativa.

Medical Potency Of Cannabichromene

Since 2017, CBC has been under laboratory research to determine the potential benefits of this rare and comparatively less famous cannabinoid. Several successful research pieces on CBC have shown that this cannabinoid, produced from the hemp plant, has excellent medical potency even though it does not bind with CB1 or CB2 receptors. It may help ease a variety of health and medical conditions when used alone and also when combined with other cannabinoids.

How CBC Works With Other Cannabinoids?

Cannabis is considered by many to be a magical plant hiding several mysterious things inside it. We can say, cannabis involves an entire world in it, which is full of wonders. CBC is another unique Cannabinoid, one of the six major cannabinoids of cannabis besides THC and CBD.

CBC works efficiently when used alone, but its potency to perform is believed to increase to the next level when it gets combined with other cannabinoids like CBG isolate and CBD distillate. This factor of CBC has provided an extensive area for research to the scientists. The researchers are doing various experiments on CBC to find its effects on the human body, and some research pieces have also been conducted in this regard.

However, CBC research’s work is still ambiguous because it makes effective pairs with other cannabinoids and shows different results with different kinds of cannabinoids. The research on this rare cannabinoid involves some obstacles in terms of cannabichromene’s legal status as it is not legal everywhere, and not every country allows its unrestricted use.

So, this suffocating atmosphere of research is causing difficulties in further research. There should always be some precautions to use such substances and consider trusted manufacturers to access the best quality products.

Where To Buy CBC Isolate?

CBC is so new that It can be challenging to find bulk CBC isolate from a reliable source. When it comes to health and wellness products, it is essential to opt for reliable and trusted suppliers to access premium quality products. As for CBC, where other manufacturers are reluctant to produce this rare cannabinoid due to lower demand, GVB Biopharma is one of the most trusted suppliers that provide bulk CBC isolate at affordable rates without compromising on the quality of their products.

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