What Do We Mean By Human Character?

According to Collins Dictionary, the meaning character refers to the qualities of a person, which makes them different from other people. Your character is your personality or nature. They are valued aspects that define a person’s behavior. The word character comes from the Greek word ‘kharakter’, which means an engraved mark or symbol on the soul.

In the 17th century, the character word was used to describe the qualities of a person. This includes things like judgment, motives, ideas, thoughts, intentions, behavior, hates, loves, or emotions. For instance, if you enjoy playing responsibly free spiny games, then you might have some personality such as patience or self-control.

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Examples Of Human Character Traits To Help You Grow As A Person

It is worth noting that individual virtues are the key player for a healthy and happy society. They help the world become a better place especially if they are all positive. The best part is that you can develop the character traits yourself. And if you do manage to grow good characters, then it will be the most satisfying intelligent endeavor you will ever take. Below are some of the good character traits you can begin working on for a happy and fulfilling life.

1. Honesty

We live in a world where dishonesty and distrust are the ‘new normal’. Most people are no longer true to themselves let alone in their relationships or friendships. However, you can choose to be honest, and it is more than just telling the truth. You can start by living the truth and be trustworthy in your relationships, interactions, and thoughts.

2. Responsibility

Responsibility is another type of good human character. It is a personal trait where a person accepts societal, family, relationship, career, among other obligations, even when they are difficult to achieve.

3. Self-Control

This is the ability to regulate one’s feelings or be able to recognize them and control them. It is when you do not allow your emotions to control you.

4. Optimism

The ability to see the positive side of every situation is what is called optimism. If you manage to be optimistic, then you can broaden your ideas about possibilities even when they seem impossible. For instance, you can choose to look at the positive situation of the pandemic instead of focusing on its negative sides.

5. Resilience

If you can persevere, tough it out, or just hang in there, then that is true resilience. Being resilient is one of the human characters we should all have, especially if you we want to be successful in life. We should have a passion for long-term goals, be willing to persevere, maintain interests and efforts, and work persistently despite the challenges or failures in life.

6. Social Intelligence

This character trait is seen as a meaningful connection to others. It knows when to collaborate, negotiate, or connect with other people’s emotions. Social intelligence has nothing to do with being an introvert or extrovert. Instead, it is the middle ground, popularly known as an “ambivert” mindset. This personality best knows then to listen, respond, and act.

Good character is not something we are born with. However, we can develop our human character traits as we grow. You can build a good personality by determining your core values, practising habits, taking some risks, and committing to self-improvement.

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