What Does The Price Of Cannabis Depend On?

Not all experienced growers like to grow expensive, high-end marijuana strains. Some people prefer seeds that are affordable and can produce rich harvests without spending a lot of money. Also, cheap cannabis seeds are recommended for novice growers who do not know all the intricacies of growing marijuana. This allows them to gain experience without overpaying for seeds.

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Research Cannabis Seeds Variety Before Buying

The cost of marijuana seeds is influenced not only by the pricing policy of a particular seller but also by other factors:

  • Seedbank popularity. Cannabis seeds for sale from well-known seed banks like theSeedFair are usually sold for higher prices. On the one hand, the brand guarantees high quality, but this does not mean that less popular seed banks offer seeds of inferior quality. If you’re not sure how to choose an inexpensive marijuana strain, try buying a new strain from an obscure seed bank.
  • Seed version. All cannabis seeds are divided into regular and feminized. Many growers buy feminized strains that produce the highest yields. However, regular strains are sold at a lower price. Therefore, beginner growers are advised to practice growing cannabis on regular strains. This does not guarantee a rich harvest, but it will allow you to gain valuable experience.
  • THC level. This is the content of tetrahydrocannabinol in marijuana. It has a psychoactive effect on a person. Over the past decades, breeders have bred powerful strains with over 30% THC. Usually, expensive varieties are distinguished by high THC, and in budget varieties, the dose of tetrahydrocannabinol is much less. If you don’t know how to choose cheap cannabis strains, you can navigate by the level of THC.

The Best Inexpensive Varieties

The top five cheap cannabis varieties include:

  1. Crime Caramel. The variety is an excellent choice for lovers of sweets. It has an exquisite taste and aroma, which combines notes of sweet fruits, honey, and caramel. Buds contain 18% THC, which is quite enough for a powerful effect.
  2. Northern Lights. It is ideal for northern temperate climates. It has a high level of stress resistance and easily tolerates low temperatures. A small growth of 40-70 cm allows you to grow it in stealth boxes without any problems.
  3. Delhi Cheese. The variety has reliable and stable genetics, laid down by the famous parent plants of Cheese and Critical Impact. It is a real source of joy and pleasure. The pleasure begins with the growing process. The bushes do not require close attention and emit a pleasant cheesy aroma.
  4. VIP Dwarf. Ideal for owners of small grow boxes. Its bushes grow up to 60 cm and respond well to the LST technique. They have a stocky but branched structure, which allows you to get a yield that reaches 500 g / m² or 160 grams per bush.
  5. New York City. A fast-growing and vivacious autoflower based on the genetics of the legendary ‘Jack Herer’. It is suitable for growers of all skill levels and backgrounds. Bushes have strong immunity and endure stress. They grow up to 160 cm in height and complete their life path in 50-70 days. The yield reaches 400 g / m2 or 200 g / bush.

Expensive Varieties

The top five most expensive cannabis strains are:

  1. Auto Lemon Kix can produce an XXL crop in just 84 days from planting. Not every variety can boast of such a speed of maturation. The strength index of 21% provides lightness and an instantly uplifting mood.
  2. Sensi Star has over 15 prestigious awards to its credit, and all of them are well deserved. With a growth of 120 cm, each outdoor bush can bring up to 500 grams of the crop. Flowering takes 50-63 days, and the power indicator reaches 24%.
  3. Chocobang is capable of yielding up to a kilogram of yield from each plant outdoors. Despite the dominance of Sativa genes, flowering takes only 65-75 days. The power rating goes up to 26%, providing a sustained high.
  4. Purple Lemonade Auto is a stunning purple variety. With a growth of 70-120 cm, it can produce up to 250 grams of the crop from a plant in the out. Full maturation takes 63-70 days. And the power indicator is 22%.
  5. Tropicanna Banana, in addition to the crazy taste of exotic fruits, can give up to 2 kg of yield from each plant in the garden. And this is with a height of 110 cm! Flowering takes 65-70 days, and the strength indicator reaches 25%.

How To Find the Best Value For Money?

Cheap auto-flowering varieties are among the most popular cannabis strains on the market. This is not surprising, because the grower is the same person as everyone else, he also wants to save money. Buying cheap cannabis autoflowers becomes especially relevant when planting many plants outdoors. The money you save can be used to buy fertilizers, tools, or equipment for indoor growing.

As a rule, cheap autoflowers are varieties that participate in promotions that are arranged by seed banks or online stores. In some cases, their low price becomes possible due to the close cooperation between the manufacturer and the seller. Large wholesale purchases with minimal prices also exist in the hemp market, so a low price is not always a sign of poor quality.

Many people think that affordable price means poor quality. However, this is not always true for marijuana. Expensive varieties are often overpriced, and cheap strains are sometimes not inferior to elite ones.

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