What Not To Do If You Are In An Accident

According to statistics, accidents are one of the major causes of death in the U.S., killing almost 40,000 people per year. These statistics are only about people who die. If we add up people who undergo significant, minor or no injury in an accident, just imagine how huge the overall car accident stats are?

With the rising incidents of car accidents, you can also become a victim of it despite all your efforts to stay safe behind the wheel. It is good that you follow all traffic rules, but you can still get into an accident due to someone else’s mistake. Like, what can you do if a drunk person ends up in an accident with you, or the other person is not following the traffic rules and hits your car?

Obviously, you can’t avoid an accident in such cases. But it doesn’t mean that you should bear the consequences of someone else’s mistake. You should claim compensation. But before that, you need to avoid these mistakes to ensure that you get your compensation.

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Don’t Lose Your Senses

We all are likely to lose our senses after getting into an accident, even if we are not severely hurt or bleeding. Obviously, a sudden accident can make anyone dazed, and our brain can stop working correctly, despite being sane.

But don’t lose your senses, quickly scan the site of the accident and try to recall the whole scene before you start forgetting it due to trauma. If possible, write down the details of the accident and the situation of the scene.

Don’t Talk Much

The other party will try to talk to you, asking if you are alright, or trying to negotiate the situation. Don’t say anything. Not only verbal arguing, but every simple word uttered at that time can cost you a lot later, if you go in a legal fight with the other party.

Even if the other person asks whether you are alright, stay muted. Your simple words and phrases, like ‘yes’, ‘no’, and ‘I am fine’ can also go against you. So, it is better that you should keep quiet instead of talking much.

Don’t Fall For Insurance Companies Trap

No matter if you are in a severe accident or facing minor injuries, recovering at home or hospitalized, insurance companies will keep on calling you. They will urge you to talk, give a statement, or sign a document. Don’t do any of them.

Hang up the phone or ban them from visiting the hospital or your home. You have the right to do it. And above all that, never ever accept any kind of settlement because that will never be in your favor.

Don’t Fight On Your Own

You might think that everything is going in your favor, so you don’t need an attorney to win the case. You will do it on your own! Don’t do it! Hire an attorney if you really want to get the best compensation possible and avoid any aggravated legal situation.

You never know what you will face once a legal battle starts. An attorney knows the legal particularities better than you, and he can save you from many pitfalls that you don’t even know exist. So, if you ever get into an accident, remember these don’ts. Thank us later!

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