What To Do If You Are In An Accident With A Big Truck

You need to know a lot of things if you get involved in a serious or fatal accident with an 18-Wheeler truck or bus. Don’t let any bad incident ruin your entire life. A lawyer can be your best option who whole-heartedly advocates for you during this extremely frightening experience. Contact the experts from Uvalle Law Firm; they will help you deal with devastating accidents. They know how to recover your financial and physical losses. Read more about 18-Wheelers accidents in this article.

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Call Emergency Helpline

It is wise to immediately call for help to avoid any loss to human life. The large truck crashes on the road are often severe and can cause serious injuries. Mitigate all the potential risks related to such road fatalities. Dial 911 for help because safety and security must be your top priority in the event of accidents with 18-wheeler trucks or buses. Emergency services will be there for you on the road in minutes. If needed, the police personnel will gather essential items from accidents. These will help them for later investigations with crash reports.

Collect Video And Audio Records

If feasible for you, then capture photos, snap videos, and record audios of the crash scene. The collected record is your opportunity to gather every possible evidence of the deadly event. These pieces of evidence will support you in court, that you were harmed due to the other driver’s carelessness.

You will be in a position to sue the next party in case of monetary and non-monetary damages. Take clear photos of the vehicle’s number and snap significant landmarks. Every little detail will tell a whole story about what happened on the road. Similarly, the audio recordings will help you file a lawsuit grounded on strong pieces of evidence. As a result, the proceedings will take less time to conclude the case. Lastly, make backups because you will need the records during every step of legal action.

Exchange Information

Most importantly, exchange information with other drivers involved in the same accident. You can start by politely asking his full name and cell phone number. Proceed further by asking him to show his driver’s license and write down his license number. Look at the license plate number and note down the number of his vehicle. Additionally, if needed, ask him the details about his insurance carrier and the name of his current agent. Lastly, you can wrap up the discussion by inquiring about his insurance policy number.

Carefully Think Before Giving Your Statement

I know it is difficult to hold off your thoughts before making any official statement about the crash. You might be mentally shocked and physically disturbed due to an unfortunate event you faced on the road. Listen to my advice, “Say whatever you saw or experienced but, don’t say you were at fault during the accident.

There is a wisdom to this tactic, take your time, and answer all the questions appropriately and wisely. Carefully Think Before Giving Your Statement. Record your statement in a calm state of mind and not in a moment of vulnerability, as this will save you from unfavorable situations in the future.

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