What To Do If You’ve Been Locked Out Of Your Car

The odds are good that most people will lock their keys in their car (or lose their keys elsewhere with a locked car) at some point in their lifetime. AAA, a leader in automobile safety, insurance, and other services, reports over 4 million lockout calls each year, and they say the number is on the rise. If you’re one of them, don’t panic.

A car locksmith is just a phone call away and can be the savior that you need. Being locked out of your car isn’t the end of the world. There is more than one option for getting back into your vehicle, and it doesn’t have to cost a fortune in most cases.

A lot of motorists have roadside assistance coverage through their auto insurance policy or a third-party provider. If you are one of these people, your first task should be to check whether your coverage includes lockout assistance. Thanks to smartphones, you should be able to look up your insurance company or roadside assistance provider’s number so that you can call them to discuss your coverage.

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Are You Safe?

Depending on where you are when you’re locked out of your car, you may need to assess your personal safety. If you are in an area that isn’t really well-lit or that is known to be dangerous, you might want to call 9-1-1. Not only can the police keep you company, but they may be able to help before you have to call in the pros.

Plus, if all else fails, they can help you call a tow truck or give you a ride home. Once you’re sure that you are safe, you can worry about unlocking your car. The next step will be determining who you can or will call for help. Is there a family member or spouse nearby that has another key?

If not, you’ll have to call a professional car locksmith or someone that offers locksmith services. The cost of this service will depend on the type of car and locks that you have, as well as whether you’ll need a new key made or to have your locks re-keyed.

Prevent Future Lockouts

If you want to avoid locking yourself out of your car in the future, there are some things that you can do. Start by making a spare key or two. Give one to a close friend or family member that lives nearby. Keep another stashed somewhere in your purse, wallet, or even on the exterior of the car.

They make handy little magnetic boxes that will hold a key and can be stuck to any metal part on the vehicle. Next time you’re car shopping, look at cars with lockout-proof systems and improved security. Some won’t allow you to lock the doors if the keys are in the ignition, for example.

Newer systems offer smartphone connectivity, which includes an app that will allow you to unlock your doors remotely. A car locksmith can also offer tips to prevent future lockouts and improve your vehicle security, and help you get back into your car quickly and without hassle.

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