What Are The Types Of Floors Available To You

Every type of flooring material has its own unique benefits. To select the best types of flooring for your home, first assess the needs of each room. From there, you can choose between the wide range of flooring options by matching your style preferences to the size of your budget. This article reviews several different kinds of flooring and their benefits and drawbacks, so you can find the best type of flooring for every room in your home.

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Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring is durable and gives a classic, elegant look. Certain types of hardwood floors can be refinished as many as five times, and you can adjust the sheen to match a newly decorated space.

Area rugs make simple, attractive additions to spaces with hardwood floors. While hardwood flooring is one of the most expensive options to install, many homeowners choose it for its longevity and return on investment. You can choose to install hardwood flooring by yourself, but if saving time is your objective, you can hire experts to install the flooring also.

Laminate Flooring

Laminate flooring provides the appearance of real wood, tile or stone flooring at an affordable cost. However, laminate typically needs less maintenance than these traditional types of flooring. Scratch-resistant, waterproof, noise-resistant and heated options are available in a variety of attractive, easy-to-install designs. For these reasons, laminate flooring has become a popular option in a lot of homes.

Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring is very durable and cost-effective. It’s made from plastic, normally containing acrylic, PVC and similar polymers. It’s an affordable option for homeowners wanting luxurious style and durability, without the high price point. Vinyl flooring is available in planks, sheets or tiles. Since it is waterproof, scratch- and stain-resistant and commercial grade in durability, vinyl flooring is both functional and stylish.

Tile Flooring

Tile flooring is ideal for high-moisture rooms that have the potential to get wet, like bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms and basements. Tiles are versatile and can last for many years with little upkeep required. Lots of tile textures are available that can imitate wood, stone or even textile.

Other Types Of Flooring

When it comes time to upgrade your home, you’re not only limited to the different kinds of flooring material discussed above.

Here are a few other types of floors that homeowners can take into consideration when making upgrades:

  • Carpet is of course a great option for spaces where you would like extra warmth and comfort underfoot, such as bedrooms and family rooms. Choose your kind of carpet based on the room’s amount of foot traffic, as some carpet textures and piles are more durable than others.
  • Although technically a grass, bamboo flooring is frequently included in hardwood flooring and is similar to hardwood’s warm, attractive appearance. It’s also extremely hard and strong, making it naturally scuff-resistant.
  • Cork flooring has a natural resilience that makes it a comfy surface to walk on. Made of renewable materials, cork flooring offers warmth, padding and added noise-resistance. It’s available in planks, tiles and click-lock choices.
  • Rubber flooring is available in sheets and tiles that come in multiple colors. Rubber blocks noise and withstands moisture.
  • Gym flooring, typically made from rubber or foam, is available in interlocking tiles or rolls of sheeting. This kind of flooring is made to withstand the wear and tear of gyms and high traffic. It resists water, minimizes noise and absorbs shock.

Remember that the best flooring materials for your home will depend on your lifestyle and budget. The wide variety in the different kinds of flooring materials we offer provides you with on-trend, water-resistant and easy-to-clean options. If you prefer to have flooring installed rather than tackling it yourself, our professionals can handle the flooring Los Angeles installment for you.

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