What’s Trending In The Engagement Rings Aisle In 2021

We are at a pivotal juncture in fashion this year. We are almost halfway through the year and all the best and important trends have already set in. So now would be a good time to turn back and find out the hottest trends in engagement rings this year. The findings will give us a clear idea of the future trends for this year and beyond.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top trends of engagement rings of 2021. Especially if you have plans of making the move this year, here is everything you need to know.

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Rose Gold

One of the biggest trends of this year seems to be rose gold. This blushing variant of gold that had entered our hearts many years back is here to rule. After the rise of white and yellow gold, it’s the year of rose gold. Rose gold is crushing it in practically all sections, and engagement rings are no exception to that. So, if you are torn about the metal of your engagement ring, without a second thought commit to rose gold. It will keep your spot on the trend train.

Rose gold engagement rings are stealing all the show right now in the engagement ring gallery at Diamonds-USA. Of varying degrees of pink, this metal is giving the engagement rings of this year the special touch of romance and femininity that are often the biggest selling points of these rings. The color and luster of pink gold are giving engagement rings a deeper meaning where the symbols of love and commitment are concerned. One look at the gallery will tell you this is utterly true.

Thin Bands

The next thing that is going big in the engagement ring section this year is thin bands. Thin bands have been on the rise for some years now. Although medium and broad bands were still in hot pursuit, this year is seeing a change of scenario there. Turns out skinny bands have distanced from the other types and are very close to the finishing line. So, if you are thinking engagement ring this year, favor a thin band.

This is a boon in disguise for the buyers. Skinny bands require less metal to curve and therefore cost less. This helps bring down the overall cost of rings or at least help keep it in control for buyers who often complain their prices rocket with the selection of components.

The beauty of skinny bands in engagement rings in Diamonds-USA is two-fold. Thin bands are more stylish and easier to wear. However, what it achieves cosmetically is beyond these two advantages. A thin band goes to make a center stone look a lot bigger than it is. This size advantage allows buyers to pick from smaller stones as they can count on the band to highlight them and make them appear bigger.

Halo Rings

The third highlight of this year is halo rings. Halos had taken backstage last year with the emergence of three-stone and other styles of rings. This year, halos are toppling all other styles from their positions. As of now, these are the top-selling designs in engagement rings. So, if you are buying an engagement ring this year, go for a halo.

Thankfully, with the return of halos, jewelers have dived back into fashioning new and interesting variants of it. It’s only May and the galleries are already overflowing with interesting and novel models of halos. The vintage styles are still around, but this year they are exhibiting interesting spins. A sweeping look at the galleries will confirm this.

More Personal Details

This is a year of personalization and if it’s something that has always interested you, knock yourself out. The trend this year is to make more room for personal detail in engagement rings. This could be in the form of an intimate engraving, or the addition of symbolic stone. Shoppers love it when their ring features something personal and thoughtful, more so the recipients of the rings.

Taking a cue, jewelers are now encouraging shoppers to get their rings personalized with intricate and meaningful details of personal nature. So, if you are getting your ring custom-made, feel free to ask away. Discuss the prospects of personalization in the given ring and get it done at a very small cost.

Other trends that are going big this year are classic styles with a modern flair and old European cut stones. These two are two other things to look out for in engagement rings. If you are into either of these, feel free to ask your jeweler about them and talk about the prospects of including them in your feature.

The pandemic has made virtual shopping a norm and virtual shopping has made it easy for shoppers to pick their rings undistracted. So, make use of this opportunity to shop your engagement ring today.

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