Who Are You? | Self Visualization

Who are you?  Have you been asked that question lately?  I find it sometimes easier to use visuals to let others know who I am.  More like Creative Visualization.

Creative visualization is the technique of using one’s imagination to visualize specific behaviors or events occurring in one’s life. Advocates suggest creating a detailed schema of what one desires and then visualizing it over and over again with all of the senses (i.e., what do you see? what do you feel? what do you hear? what does it smell like?

Now there is a tool for self visualization on the web called YouTego.  The process of self-visualization in Youtego is a combination of semantics (word, phrase) and its visual representation (picture, photo), that you define and select-crop all by yourself. Ultimately, you get the combination or matrix of visual objects that you personally defined and visualized. That combination is younique, because you are younique! However the elements of that matrix  may match with people’s Tegos anywhere in the world.

As a result, you start matching with people by elements (Tegos) that you defined and start experiencing this natural feeling that we all, humans possess – discovering the world of people, the world of self-similarities, the world of emotions around you.

Included a demo for you to appreciate further how it all works.  Try it out!!