Why Do Some People Have A Hard Time Losing Weight?

Losing weight is a goal many people strive to achieve. While some may find losing weight easy and get their desired look in a relatively short time, others may struggle to lose a couple of pounds, let alone enough to reach their desired body weight. These struggles are not arbitrary, though there is usually an explanation for this annoying phenomenon. If you are facing issues, you can at least understand why it is occurring.

Before going into the many reasons why you could be struggling with weight loss, you need to understand that there are different solutions that you can find depending on the root cause. After you know why this is happening, you can search online for more information about what procedures you can undergo for treatment or steps to take to remedy the situation.

The professionals of https://www.tijuanabariatriccenter.com/, provide information that helps you determine methods of reaching your goal. For example, you could have weight loss surgery, if a strict diet does not work first, that is. The following are common reasons people struggle to lose weight.

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Inconsistency In Following A Diet

When someone wants to lose weight, the first thing they try to do is follow a diet. They try to change what they are eating to include a healthier array of foods. If the diet they are following is not working for them, it may be that they are inconsistent in following it. For example, they may still be eating food they should be staying away from, or having an ‘off’ day too regularly. This means their bodies are not getting acclimated to the diet, and thus unable to lose weight consistently, if at all.

Health Issues & Medication

Sometimes, people follow their diet perfectly and do not deviate at all. However, they still struggle with weight loss. This might have something to do with health issues they are facing or certain types of medication that they take. For example, people with thyroid issues have a very hard time losing weight regularly. People with hormonal disorders or people taking birth control medication might also experience issues with losing weight. Some medications even have weight gain as a side effect.

Slow Metabolism

Metabolism is the rate at which your body burns the calories it is taking in. Some people are born with a very high metabolism that allows them to eat in large quantities without gaining weight, while others are born with a slow metabolism which makes them gain weight much easier. What kind of metabolism you have depends on your genetics. Finding out whether this is the obstacle you are trying to overcome when wanting to lose weight will help you find the best method to overcome it.

Not Eating Enough

This may come as a surprise, but not eating enough food can end up giving you undesired results. When you are not eating enough or are starving yourself, your body will enter ‘starvation mode’ and while you may lose weight at first, your body will store energy from food once you do eat again. This means that you will gain back the weight you lose, if not more. Not to mention the fact that not eating enough could cause other health issues, like anemia or fainting.

Not Exercising

One of the biggest misconceptions about weight loss is that people believe it only has to do with their eating habits. While your eating habits play a very large role in how much you weigh, physical activity and exercising is a definite part of it as well. If someone wants to lose weight but is not doing any physical activity, they will be facing a very difficult time trying to reach the results they want. Simple cardio or lifting weights can make a big difference in how much weight a person loses.

Consuming Sugar

You might think that staying away from junk food or processed foods is enough to lose all the excess weight you want to get rid of, but you need to re-think that. If you are still eating foods with sugar in them or adding refined sugar to your drinks, then this may be the reason why you are not seeing the results you want or expect.

As mentioned above, not being able to lose weight is not a random occurrence that cannot be justified. Using these reasons, you can easily determine why someone is not losing as much weight as they want to lose. You can also take the necessary steps to overcome these obstacles and find a solution to whatever weight loss issue you are facing. If continued efforts yield no results, consult a physician to discuss potential surgical solutions.

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