Why Video Lessons Are The Best Way To Learn

Have you noticed that video lessons are becoming more and more popular? Do you want to know why more people are choosing to learn via video lessons instead of traditional learning?

Think about the best teacher you ever had. Chances are, they were engaging and passionate and made learning fun. Now, think about how you learned something new from that teacher. After that, it wasn’t through a lecture or reading assignment but rather through a participatory activity or demonstration.

This is because our brains work hard to figure out what’s happening when we’re engaged in an activity. This is exactly why video lessons are just as effective as they are. They work to combine the engagement of hands-on activity with the convenience of sitting at home in your pajamas.

Continue reading to learn more about why video lessons are the best way to learn.

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Visual And Auditory Learners Can Both Benefit From It

Although in the past, many people believed that the best way to learn was to attend a class in person, this is no longer the case. In recent years, more people have started to study online and learn from video lessons, and many have decided that this is their preferred learning method.

One of the first reasons video lessons are the best way to learn is that they are perfect for visual and auditory learners. Video lessons offer incredible visuals you can pay attention to, and you are physically able to see the concepts being taught.

On the other hand, auditory learners will be able to hear the concepts being taught and can even go back to parts that they may need more understanding of or may need to relisten to. This means that both types of learners will be able to learn more effectively.

You Have Access To Experts

Another great benefit of video lessons is that you have access to experts. When you watch a video lesson, you have access to experts in the field who will help you and provide you with valuable information. MasterClass, for example, offers an impressive array of courses taught by celebrities and experts in their field.

Whether you want to learn cooking from Gordon Ramsay, acting from Natalie Portman, or tennis from Serena Williams, MasterClass has a course for you. The instructor breaks down their craft in each class into simple, easy-to-follow lessons. EdWize provides a review on the MasterClass platform, which you should take a look at if you’re interested in video lessons. This is definitely one of the best ways to learn from those who know what they’re doing.

You Can Pause And Rewind As Needed

When you are studying in a regular or traditional learning environment, the teacher or lecturer will continue to speak and generally not have the time to go back and explain or wait for you to catch up.

When it comes to online learning or video lessons, you can pause or rewind whenever you need, giving you the time to catch up and fully understand what you might have missed. This is especially beneficial if you didn’t quite understand something the first time around.

By simply pausing the video or reviewing the concept again, you can get a more in-depth learning experience and a better understanding of what you are learning.

You Can Learn At Your Own Pace

One of the biggest concerns of traditional learning is that not everyone learns at the same pace. Therefore, not everyone can retain the information that is being taught.

Some students will learn much faster and be bored if they are going at a pace that is too slow for them. Other learners take much longer to catch on to what is being taught or to grasp the concept in the lesson, and when teachers go too fast for them, they simply don’t know what is going on.

Video lessons are a great way to avoid this altogether. If you want to take your time and really understand the concept being taught, you can do so. Alternatively, if you want to move through the material more quickly, you can do that, too.

It’s More Engaging Than Reading A Textbook

Last but not least, the final reason video lessons are the best way to learn is that they can be far more engaging than simply just reading a textbook. When it comes to video lessons, you are actively engaged in the learning instead of passively listening or just reading along. Engagement is one of the key elements in learning and is one of the best ways to retain the information being presented.

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