Woof People vs. Meow People: A Personality Analysis

There are a lot of simple questions in life you can ask someone to learn about his or her personality. It’s really fascinating. I learned all about it when I wrote What Your Daily Preferences Reveal About Your Personality. Apparently, as cliché as it sounds, whether or not you use a Mac or a PC also says a lot about you. Richard wrote about that in Mac People vs. PC People.

My question is, what about those of us who use both a Mac and a PC? Where do we fall in the mix of things? I also write with my left hand and my right hand, so I guess I’m a weirdo in that regard too. Have you ever wondered about the differences in cat people and dog people? We often hear people joke about it, but is there any real evidence to support the differences? Once again, I wonder about those of us that like both dogs and cats.

Overall, I tend to agree with an article I read on Examiner that says the difference between cat people and dog people can be summed up in one word: loyalty. Your dog will always end up lying next to you regardless of what happens during the day. Your cat, on the other hand, might jolt out the door, and you’ll never see him again. Which do you prefer? Of course, my best friend and co-writer, @mistygirlph, who is an avid cat lover, might have a different opinion about that. There are articles on CNN, The University of Texas, and the Hunch Blog that talk about the research done on this topic. Hunch compiled all the stats into this nifty little infographic so you can see the differences for yourself. My favorite part on this is that it says people who like both dogs and cats tend to be described as “original and unique.” Yay! :)

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Personality Trait Analysis Dog Cat

Header Image Credit: [factoidz]