What Your Daily Preferences Reveal About Your Personality

We’ve all seen the little questionnaires that supposedly pinpoint different personality types. You know, the questions like, “Do you wear boxers or briefs?” or “Are you a dog person or a cat person?” I always think those are fun to read about people, but I also know they’re just for fun. You can’t really paint an accurate picture about someone’s personality based on those kinds of questions…. Or can you? There has recently been some new research on this that might surprise you.

A few months ago, Richard published an article entitled Mac People vs. PC People. It was based on a study by Hunch that showed there are some real life differences between Mac users and PC users. That infographic went viral, and for a few days it was everywhere on the Internet. Hunch has come back with a vengeance to present us with even more compelling information about how our simple preferences in life really do give others an insight into our real personality (not just the personality we present to the world).

The seemingly meaningless choices we make each day can teach other people things about us we might have thought were private and that nobody knew except for us. Just so you know, this infographic is not just slapped together with a little bit of random information. This is based on 80 million answers to 2,000 questions. Their goal was to “solve the mystery of what your minute preference reveals about your truest self.

Since I’ve been an Android and an iPhone 4 user, I find it interesting that iPhone users are more likely to buy books online, be generous tippers and be early adopters. Android users, on the other hand, are more likely to visit the library, be average tippers and be female. At the end of the day, I still only give this information a certain amount of credibility. After all, we are human beings. By nature, we are irrational and unpredictable creatures at best. Or… are we?

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Daily Preferences Reveal Your Personality

Daily Preferences Say About Us

Via: [FastCoDesign] [Hunch] Image Credit: [Andy Dean Photography / Shutterstock]