You Just Can’t Fix Stupid

I haven’t seen good slapstick comedy in a long time. The three stooges show was before my time, but that kind of humor always makes me laugh. It’s the kind of brainless, ridiculous comedy that you can’t help but think is funny. The guys in this video definitely remind me of modern day stooges.

When I first saw this, I had to play it over and over. I’m embarrassed to say I probably laughed for ten minutes straight. There are dozens of spoofs and copycat videos based on this one all over the internet.

Apparently tons of people get a lot of fun out of playing stupid. Even as I write this article, I’m laughing. Sometimes it feels really good to take a step back from all the seriousness of life and just laugh. I give that to you today. Enjoy!

As long as you’re laughing, here is another one. I laughed so hard I cried when I watched this. Warning: adult language