Your Whole Breakfast In A Cupcake

This morning when I woke up, I immediately started coding furiously to be sure that what I have for today gets done and that I don’t get behind in my usual schedule. Is something missing from that sentence? Well, usually I don’t miss out on my breakfast, but today I completely forgot about it until I ended a function, and my stomach started growling for food. That was a sure sign brunch was necessary in order to get my energy up to keep working furiously throughout the day. But, what should I eat? That is normally the only question I ask myself in the morning. I mean, a cup of tea and a sandwich gets kind of boring after a while, right?

What better idea than to have an entire breakfast in one single cupcake? Yup, that’s the solution, at least if you are listening to the guys over at Awesome Galore. When I surfed into their site, I was eventually greeted with this weirdly intriguing all-in-one breakfast. It’s a cupcake made out of layered ham or bacon with an egg in the middle. It’s like a full meal in one single serving. Whatever that means…

If you ever find yourself in a hurry, these bacon/ham and egg cupcakes might be a good fix for you. Just make them the day before, and you will have your very own continental breakfast in the morning even though you are in a hurry. Add a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice with that, and your entire breakfast will be complete. I have to admit though that it looks just a tad full of fat, or is it just me? That thing is a health bomb for sure. Hmm…

The Complete Breakfast Cupcake Creation