10 Acts of Twitter Kindness

We would all like to know how to give and receive Twitter acts of kindness, right? I’ve been on Twitter for almost a year now and I don’t regret it for a second. Not even all the time spent on things I never thought I would spend time on. I can honestly and proudly say that I am a 24/7 tweeter and wouldn’t want it any other way. I have come to know some really nice and special people and one day I will make sure to meet them all someway or another.

What have I learned throughout this year and almost 76,000 tweets later? Well, I have picked up pieces of advice, quotes and personal upgrades all over the place and they have all created a kind of Twitter image of the real me that pretty much reflects how I am in real life. They all come from dear friends, acquaintances, followers and complete strangers. Some who I first thought were plain douche-bags but then became some of my very best friends on Twitter. Of course the other way around as well but that is an entirely new article and shouldn’t take up space on this one.

What they all have in common is that they have a true and genuine approach to Twitter kindness. They all sport their own flavor and I always admire their ways of showing it. I see it everyday and it affects me so much that I went on to create this list of the 10 acts of Twitter kindness that we all could and should show each other.

#TwitterKindness Campaign

Twitter deserves to be a happy place where everyone is treated equally. We should all be kind to each other, especially now during the cheerful holiday season. Let’s spread the word! If you vote for kindness on Twitter and in the rest of the world retweet this post and add #TwitterKindness at the end of your tweet and share the love. Here’s more ways that you can spread some random acts of kindness on Twitter.

10 Twitter Random Acts of Kindness

1. RT’s

The first and maybe the most graceful kindness you can see on Twitter is if someone retweet you a lot. Retweet is a way of saying -“I like what you share and I want to pass it along to my own followers for their viewing pleasure.” Retweets are also one of the most valuable assets one can get on Twitter as it also makes sure that what you share gets passed along to someone that really needs to see it. More than often it leads to people starting to follow the source of the information just because they find it useful and most likely will enjoy the rest of your tweets.

2. FollowFriday

This being the most obvious act of kindness but maybe the most discussed one. FollowFriday has become a huge hit on Twitter and everyone uses it to further promote or share their friends or good sources of information. But, the sheer load of FollowFriday mentions has become a spam event in itself. People in general just add up people in a long string of names and add either #FF or #FollowFriday to it. There is people who are against it and people who want it that way. But telling people why they should follow a specific person is far more kind than just adding their name to a long string of other names.

3. Replies

It has long been a thorn in most people sides and can easily be considered rude and obnoxious if someone doesn’t reply to your tweet. But the fact is that when you have a load of about 40.000+ followers it becomes somewhat a full time job to answer everything in time. You simply have to choose where to put your time. However, for someone that has a lot of time it is definitely an act of kindness to reply to every single tweet that is directed at them and just the fact that they try to do that will come across as good manner. So, always reply to the tweets that are directed at you and in some cases try to DM back instead of just tweeting. For the person being DM’d it will feel way more personal and is definitely an act of Twitter kindness.

4. Lists

Lately “Lists” has become the new cool on Twitter and it has become a way to measure your reach or the strength of your brand. But it’s much more than that. It also measures the strength of your personality and the weight people put on you being on Twitter. Also how much they value your opinion and the influence your personality has. Each time you get added to a list (depending of course on the title of the list and it’s purpose) you should really feel humbled. After all the person adding you has shown you one of the ultimate acts of kindness on Twitter to actually value you and share you with his or her followers.

5. Introduction

One of the more rare acts of kindness on Twitter. To introduce someone to another follower of yours is a real nice gesture and can sometimes lead to amazing things. We are all not working, doing or are into the same things and to introduce the ones that do is a true act of Twitter kindness. Who knows, your introduction can lead to the next big thing in Social Media or just about anything really. If we could just do this more frequently I am sure we would all profit from it.

6. Auto DM’s

The pest of Twitter. No really it is. Everyone has gotten them and they are just annoying and frustrating to get. How less personal can you get when you send someone an automated direct message when you have just started to follow them. The really sad thing about it is that even real people are doing it. Just not only twitter bots or spammers. No, real people who think they will gain time from doing it automated. But what they are doing is really just losing followers and respect. So people, if you really want to show yourself from your good side, stop with the auto DM’s. Instead write a more personal direct message to the person who just started following you. If you feel you are getting too many new followers a day then you would do best in considering not sending any direct message at all to these people. Instead thank them for following you in a tweet. Much more personal and it shows that you really noticed them starting to follow you. True act of Twitter kindness.

7. Research

This one happens more and more over time. It has nothing to do with researching who someone is or anything like that. No, it has more to do with kindness and giving your time to someone. I get people asking me for some sort of tutorial, article or anything that people might think I know on a daily basis. A true act of Twitter kindness is really to help. Help them by using your skills to actually go and find what they are looking for. Spend the time to make someone else happy. The time spent will be returned ten fold in time. You caring about your followers shows you are truly a great and true source of inspiration no matter what it is. So start helping. Start searching and try to find what people might ask you for.

8. Reciprocate

Here’s probably the one that no one thinks about. The one that people just take for granted somewhat. To reciprocate, or to follow back is a kind of Twitter kindness. To show you share their time in true space. Sure, having 40,000+ followers can be quite hard to keep up with. But following everyone back is still a really way to show your Twitter kindness. But, there are far from everyone that spends 10+ hours on Twitter each day but if you use some of the Twitter clients available today it will enable you to really structure your followers. Do it by online time, personal connections or plain topics. But to reciprocate is definitely a true way of showing Twitter kindness.

9. Continuity

One of the hardest to keep up with. To stay in touch with people and care about them. To give back the time they spend on following you. There’s a lot of people that continuously follow people each day and read everything you write without you knowing about it. Sure you have a way to find out if they follow you but there’s really no way of telling if they saw your very latest tweet or not. But be sure there are tons of people that read them and never say anything. Reach out to them and make them be a part of the chain. Help them to be a part of what’s going on. A true sign of Twitter kindness is to continuously stay in contact with people and not let them fall into the shadows of your new followers. If there is a will there’s a way, right?

10. Smile

The last and most common way of showing your appreciation and to project kindness is to use smileys. A smile can brighten up your very darkest day if it comes from the right person. Never forget that. And you never know if you are that very person so always make sure to keep up your sunshine. It’s never a profit to shed out and spread clouds over someone’s Twitter stream. There is several ways to create smileys on Twitter nowadays. Some are nice and some just annoying but always make sure to show your brightest mindset and kindness. A simple yet a very effective act of Twitter kindness.