10 Signs That You Need A Social Media Detox

I think anyone who is into social media would agree with me that things are moving faster and faster. Whatever it is that we have to do, it has to be easy, fast, and it will hopefully increase our influence on the Internet. All the people who are stuck in their Lazy-Boy (La-Z-Boy) chair trying to justify the reasons why they shouldn’t be involved in social media will find out soon what they missed out on. This train is going no matter if they want it to or not, and if they’re not on it, they’ll have to take the second wave. They will have missed the inception of the whole idea, which will have made them miss the only time when you really could have made a change. However, if you’re like me, spending as much time as possible in social media, then you know there are signs and symptoms that will tell you exactly when you have gone too far.

Column Five Media put together a helpful piece of infographic that you should really print out and put on the wall in front of you. Sitting hour after hour in front of the computer kicking away tweet after tweet can sometimes overwhelm you to the point of inspiration and dedication loss.

The true and only solution to avoiding such a scenario is to think before you tweet. Make it a rule to connect, share and be “available” whenever the time suits you, not everyone else. The people you want to connect with are the people that really enjoy your tweets and what you are doing, and they will be there no matter what time you’re tweeting. Besides, you can always backtrack tweets to see if you need to answer any questions etc. I have incorporated a rule into my daily schedule where I always answer as many questions and tweets as possible before my workday begins. That way, I hopefully eliminate anyone feeling left out or ignored. There are only so many hours in the day, and you really need to make the best of them. The only one who knows how to do that is you. You are the master of your daily schedule, you decide.

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Social Media Sympton Detox Infographic