Top 10 Facebook Tagging Rules Never To Be Broken [Infographic]

Some people say Facebook will never stop asking to know everything there is to know about you. The fact that they add more and more features to the site is a clear sign of that. It’s not necessarily a bad thing, but maybe we should be a little bit more careful about what we allow people to put up on this mega social network. So far, the tagging rules are pretty much dictated by the tagger, and that is currently what we have to live with. But are there any unofficial tagging rules to speak of?

Well, it boils down to common courtesy really. As a tagger, you are the one barrier between right and wrong. As long as you think something should go up with a tag, there is little anyone can do to stop you, except preventing you from tagging them through their privacy settings. The tagging feature in Facebook is actually one of the more interesting features added, but we should still keep an eye out for what pictures people tag us in. The tagging rules, even though they are unofficial, should still play a major part in your decision whether to tag someone or not.

So what are the tagging rules, and what is it that we should think about before we actually tag someone? It’s quite simple really, and as I said, it boils down to common courtesy. In my search to shed some much needed light on the matter, I managed to find an infographic called Ten Golden Facebook Photo Tagging Rules presented by fitbit. The tagging rules themselves are quite straightforward, and as you will see, your “mercy” is pretty much what separates you from the douchebags of the Internet.

If you want to make sure people allow you to keep tagging them, or even have you as a friend on Facebook, you should really take a look, read through and memorize these tagging rules. They will definitely come in handy if you want to grow your following or friends instead of lose them.

fitbit’s Top 10 Unofficial Facebook Tagging Rules