12 Days Of Giving: Because Giving Kicks Ass

There is nothing more worthwhile than promoting meaningful causes, but when they involve our Twitter friends; well, that makes them even more special. Today starts a wonderful extravaganza called the 12 Days of Giving. It involves 12 inspiring influencers, 12 incredible charities and one powerful message about how we all have an opportunity to help those in need this holiday season!

This fun event promoting social good starts today and goes through December 24th. There are two goals for this project. 1) To raise over $12,000 for the charities 2) To illustrate the power of social media for social good

Whether you decide to donate money, send an email to your friends, retweet this post, promote this event on Facebook, share this on LinkedIn, write about this on your blog, or whatever you choose to do to spread the word, your efforts will combine with thousands of others to collectively make a difference in the world! Each day different people and charities will be promoted on Giving Kicks Ass and on Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites. You can follow the progress on Twitter at @12DaysGiving and follow hashtag #12DaysOfGiving.

To Make A Donation, Visit Crowdrise

To Learn More, Visit Giving Kicks Ass

The 12 Days of Giving Crew:

  • Dr Andy Baldwin (@drandybaldwin) – U.S. Navy Doctor, Fitness Advocate, TV Personality
  • Scott Harrison (@scottharrison) – CEO Charity Water
  • Dan Meyer (@halfdan) – Guiness World Record Sword Swallower
  • Dennis Crowley (@dens) – Co-Founder of Foursquare
  • Claire Diaz-Ortiz (@ClaireD) – Twitter Corporate & Author
  • Beth Kanter (@kanter) – Social Media Charity Superstar
  • Mark Horvath (@hardlynormal) – InvisiblePeopleTV
  • Lotay Yang (@lotay) – Founder, Black Card Circle
  • Joseph Ranseth (@josephranseth) – Author/ Speaker
  • Amy Neumann (CharityIdeas) – Huffington Post blogger
  • Ann Tran (@AnnTran_) – Huffington Post blogger
  • Lisa Hammond (@thebarefootceo) – Author, Barefoot CEO

Social Media For Social Good

Social Media For Social Good

Social Media For Social Good