15 Features of Google Wave| Step by Step

One of the aims of Bitrebels is to always make sure that we do not just write about existing technologies but also aid you whenever we can.  If you already have your Google Wave invite but still confused as to how to start and make the most out of it?  Here is a video.  A step by step tutorial on what is available on Google Wave and how to actually use each feature. Right now there are about 15 basic ones you need to learn and master and waving will become easier and easier as soon as you have it under wraps.

Like in most new platforms, the best way to really get to know the capability and function is by experiencing it for yourself.  Try the step by step, all the features here and then experiment and see what other interesting component or use you can utilize Google wave and tell us about it.  Just like in Twitter or any real time application sharing knowledge and experience makes the process of learning more fun and will surely expedite the improvements.  Hope the video can help your waving much easier and less frustrating.