15 Reasons To Love Twitter!

When I started to use Twitter in 2008, it was not as popular as it is today. Just imagine in my country it is now no. 5 in terms of popularity. Back in 2008, no one really knew that it would grow so big. People thought that it was just a fad that would soon die down. Now, in 2010, it is still growing and at a much faster rate.  (source – mashable – The Web in Numbers: Rise of Social Media).

Twitterholics are everywhere. People use Twitter differently. The use of Twitter has evolved as well. There are no more rules. The use of the medium is based on a person’s needs and wants. No one can dictate anymore how it should or should not be used. I love Twitter, and I know I will use it for many more years to come. I have listed 15 reasons to love the social networking platform.

1. Meet new people from all walks of life and from all over the world.

2. Converse and share ideas and opinions freely.

3. Learn and share information found on the interwebs and also help charities.

4. Collaborate with fellow designers and writers.

5. Get news first hand, from the news makers themselves.

6. Share jokes and pictures.

7. Get inspired with quotations when you need the inspiration.

8. Get blogging, business, marketing and social media tips and advice.

9. Get virtual hugs round the clock.

10. Celebrate milestones with so many people.

11. Become a DJ and share music.

12. Get to know celebrities.

13. Be encouraged when you feel down and out.

14. Receive kindness and love 24/7.

15. Swap stories and coffee anytime of the day or night.

Do you love tweeting? Maybe you can tell us why here. We would love to hear from you, our dear readers.

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